View Full Version : Help make a time line of pool dominance.

01-14-2008, 03:33 AM
My pool memory does not go back nearly as far as most of the people on here, only a couple of years. I've only attended about 0 major events in my life.;-)

So, I've been wondering for a while now about when exactly various players have been on top of the sport. Exactly from when to when could you say a player was really a threat to win major tournaments? To keep it quantifiable, for a given player, what year did he first win a major tournament. What year did he last win a major event? If he wasn't a tournament player, but a gambler, give some reason for the dates you choose.

I would like to keep updating this post so that the time line is in one place, rather than dispersed throughout the thread. Each player would presumably only have two entries, one for the start of their dominance, one for the end. However, in the case of retirement and a major comeback they might have more.

I'm thinking of formatting it something like this:

. John Doe [S(tart) - BCA Open]
. Jane Doe [S - WPBA Open]
. Jane Doe [E(nd) - DCC]
. Mark Doe [S - Sands Regency]
. John Doe [E - US Open]

If someone has ideas for better formatting, please suggest them.

01-14-2008, 03:33 AM
. Earl Strickland [S - Caesar's Tahoe Nine-ball]
. Efren Reyes [S - Sands Regency 9-ball Championship]

. Johnny Archer [S - WPA World Nine-ball Championship]
. Francisco Bustamante [S - PBT Bicycle Club Invitational]