View Full Version : 1st 9-ball tourney...

01-14-2008, 08:31 AM
I have to start out by saying that I play 8 ball almost exclusively when shooting pool. Occasionally I'll have a buddy talk me into 9 or 10 ball so he can practice with someone. I play 8 ball league (APA) on Thurs nights, and last Thurs. I played (away) at a place that had a 9-ball tourney after our league play was done....

I didn't have to work on Friday, so I thought, what the heck. It was cheap, and tables were open (no paying per game). There was only one guy playing in it that I knew, so I talked with him before the start. He plays in it most Thurs., and said it's a good time if nothing else. His only complaint was that the races were SUPER short (race to 2). Right off I'm thinking, well 2 and out for me most likely....

First match I break, and make the 6. One, two, three, four, five, no problems, oops jarred the 7...opponent wins. As I'm kicking myself for missing the 7, he breaks dry. I make the 1 and 2 and play safe, get ball in hand, and win. Hill, I break, make 2 balls, and have a wired 2-9 combo, and win.

My next few matches are pretty similar (miss after running most balls and lose a game, but win if I play safe early). My first loss came on a guy that I called the SLAMMER. He could make a few balls, but position play was not his game :D Both of his wins were by knocking in the 9 ball outta turn (one a 2 rail bank of the 6 - 9 combo that he was trying to play safe on - he said). I then won a few more, making it to the last 4 on the losers side. I lost my last race to the eventual 2nd place finisher (he won one race against the winner, but had to beat him twice...). All in all, not bad.

A while back I read a thread complaining about the LUCK in 9 ball, and now I know what was meant. I saw quite a few lucky rolls, accidental safes, etc. in this tourney, and in a race to 2.....the best player definitely didn't win in some cases (I beat two guys I shouldn't have). I still contend that over much longer races that the better player will prevail though.

Thanks for letting me ramble about my first (non-8-ball) tourney. I will probably play in this tourney quite a bit from now on. BTW, I did have 2 break and runs mixed in there, so I was playing pretty decent - which was nice :p