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Russ Chewning
01-14-2008, 08:45 AM
I had a great time, and wonder of wonders, so did my wife! She wants to come back next year, too.... We both stayed up for periods exceeding 24 hours multiple times.

I got to watch the Shane/Hennesey match pretty much from start to finish. For the majority of the match, Hennesey was shooting better, and may have been able to beat Shane straight up, as Shane was not playing well, but somewhere around the 8 hour mark, Hennesey's lack of a strong mental game when playing champions kicked in, and once he started talking to himself, Shane ran over him.

Justin Cone stepped up and got him some versus Shane, even up in One Pocket. Someone must have told him that Shane couldn't move, and he must have thought he was going to be able to run eight and out every time he stepped up with a shot. Shane won an 7 or 8 ahead in about 8 or 9 hours, but to completely truthful, it should have been over much quicker, because when Shane got his games, he got 'em quick. Yah can't make it TOO easy, ya know, otherwise people will start asking for a bunch of weight in One Pocket. :D

I watched Justin Cone try to give Grady 20-10, and get destroyed for about nine big stacks of crabcakes, but then Justin adjusted to 13-7 and got about 4 stacks back. And to tell the truth, it looked like he got lucky to do so. Grady outmoved the kid so bad, the Roadman's only chance was to keep banging in those long banks.

Grady put the Roadman in so many traps, it was great fun to see the kid try to figure out a way to escape time after time after time. Grady looks to have some type pf nervous condition, and just couldn't put away the game winning shots. The kid was also lucky that Grady faile dto notice he was breaking at the wrong hole. That hole rolled away from the top rail, and away from the side rail. Grady tried lagging the banks to that hole, he tried stroking the banks to that hole, and they just weren't getting close, folks.

I was there for Jay Helferts's bet against Alex Pagulayan that he couldn't get 45 balls in the One Pocket Ghost, given five innings each try, and three tries total. Alex was being called for his match, and had 30 balls total, and only one more rank to get the last fifteen. You can guess what happened from there. Alex ran 15 and out for the cheese, and lemme tellya: It was one of the most amazing outs I have seen in my life. There was about three times in the rack you'd have happily bet Alex 10 to 1 that he can't get out, and he'd have broken yer heart, ladies and gents. He certainly broke Jay's. That's okay though. I think Jay would give him that bet once a day next year and like his end of it.

Well, here's the pictures.. Enjoy!

It has been rumored this fellow is an AZ forum member who likes to sit and watch AZer's speed, not playing for days, and THEN wanting to match up even, with guys he can give a couple of balls in One Pocket to. You have been warned.

Wifey took this picture. She loves these two.

Shane watching Hennesey shoot. Never bet against a champion against a weaker champion. You'll go broke.

Pots and Pans, center stage at the Accu-Stats table.

Well known whale from Washington state Harry Platis was hanging with the Squirrel when he wasn't dodging JoeyA. :D


I hear this goofy hat and a goofy personality gets this guy games where he has his opponent locked up in advance. Evan Broxmeyer came in the AZ room and tried to copy him, acting like he was high or retarded. It didn't work, and he looked like a jerk for trying it. http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o106/russchewning/DCC%202008/GoofyinAction.jpg


Russ Chewning
01-14-2008, 08:46 AM
I was sitting right beside Bucktooth when the shenanigans unfolded. Bucktooth was right in the middle of calling Fatboy a nit. Fatboy started woofingbig time at the Tooth. Note the Louis Vittonbag. There's money in that there bag, young man!

Bucktooth running away from Fatboy's BIG $$$$$$$$$, going to play $100 Keno.

THIS is what Bucktooth ran out on Fatboy to gamble on?????

Two friends who share a special bond.

One of my favorite NW players, Dan Louie and his father

When the action was dying down a little in the Action room, the bank pool players started betting on a bank proposition bet. Not sure, but I think John Morra busted everyone's heart in that game. Notice our very own derekdisco with the bettors. Boy, Coleman and Chohan have LOTS of neon colored shirts!


01-14-2008, 09:16 AM
Nice pics, Russ! :)

01-14-2008, 09:18 AM
Nice Russ,
Thanks for the pics man. I sure missed a show this year. Oh well thanks to TAR I still spent a lot of sleepless nights by the PC. Man you almost got the fatboy show complete.
I did over hear Ease-E saying he broke your heart in 9 ball. You hvae been gone for a while.

01-14-2008, 09:28 AM
Thanks for sharing the pics Great stuff!!:D RUN BUCKTOOTH RUN!!!!!!!!!:D :D :eek: