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01-14-2008, 12:27 PM
My son, just turned 8, loves to play pool. I started him out with an open bridge, told him to chalk, do 1,2,3 (warm-up stokes) then hit the ball. He can keep a normal stroke if he tries, but had issues with cue control (mishit a bit). Just last week, he asked me about my closed bridge, I showed him how to hold it, and dang it if he did not pick it up right away. Now his hit is much better, he has a better stroke than the kids twice his age I see banging around. He also has a very good eye for angles, I did not get as far as showing him aiming methods, as I was focusing on his stance and hit, but he lines up on the right angle from pretty much anywhere on the table. He has hit long cut shots up the rail several times in a row, so it's not a random thing. I think playing Virtual Pool has also helped in that regard.

Now the question, what is the best way to progress with teaching someone that age to play, while at the same time not making them frustrated? Are there books on teaching young kids to play that are at the level of say the Byrne books for reputation? With how he hits, I can see him hitting C level soon, and who knows how far he can go afterwared. Yea it's proud daddy talk :D but he really hits the ball nice and firm with no wasted motions.

Island Drive
01-14-2008, 12:57 PM
I taught my kids one or two things about every two or three weeks, but before each new tip... I would make sure they already 'got' what I taught em the last go round.