View Full Version : Great job SD Billiards

01-30-2008, 10:24 AM
I live in the Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage area. SD Billiards came out to put new Championship Tour rubber and Simonis 860 cloth on 2 9-foot Gandy tables in our Sub-division clubhouse. The job SD did was professional and absolutely perfect. They even cleaned and polished the two sets of Arimith balls and vacuumed the billiard room when they finished. I played a few racks last night on the new tables and what a transformation. The balls rolled true and straight with no roll-off. It was a pleasure to play. The clubhouse manager was so impressed that he will be having SD do the tables in his other sub-divisions also. I highly recommend SD Billiards to anyone needing work done on their pool table. And oh, by the way, the price was also terrific.