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jay helfert
01-30-2008, 11:55 AM
Just wanted to say a few things publicly to Barry Behrman regarding my article about the 2007 U.S. Open published in Professor Q-Ball's News.

First of all, I was generally very complimentary about the Open which is THE single most important pool tournament held annually in the USA. They get the best fields and pay the most prize money. By the way, ALL the money was paid out, contrary to what someone posted on here. The reason it appeared a little light was that they did not get a full field of 256 players. I believe there were 233 players, or thereabouts. And part of the prize money is derived from entry fees.

At the end of the article I criticized the delays in getting the final match between Shane and Ronnie underway. I felt that the ceremonies prior to the final match should be abbreviated and some of the "thank you's" conveyed after the match is played. I said in the article that I think the players had to wait nearly 45 minutes to play the final. I think I exaggerated and it was more like 30-35 minutes. It just seemed like a long time to me.

Barry is a dear friend of mine and one of the most important promoters in the game. He has done a great job in continuing the U.S. Open for over thirty years now. I want to apologize to Barry if I offended him in any way. Perhaps criticizing the Open publicly was not the best way to go. It is a great tournament, and I meant no harm in anything that I said. I had a great time there and look forward to next year's Open.

The pool community is a small family and we must all stick together to make it strong. Thanks again Barry for making the U.S. Open the premier event that it is. :)

01-30-2008, 11:59 AM
I am pretty impressed at Louisville.

Maybe they have had problems too, but not as public.