View Full Version : Got a cheap speed sport radar

02-02-2008, 08:26 AM
for $135 - SpeedTrac.

I can get it only to read with no rack of balls, but it does work.

I could only get up to 18MPH, but I have a pitiful break anyway. The instructions say that for every degree the SpeedTrac is placed higher, the slower your speed will be because of the way it tracks the cueball. So it appears to be a little crude and I should probably accordingly bump my speed up 1 mph.

Nonetheless, I can only conclude from this that anyone who estimates that they break in excess of 20mph is probably mistaken, like in the thread that was posted a few weeks ago.

I can really appreciate some of the pro speeds, like Charlie Williams at 27 MPH. And I cannot yet fathom those few who can hit it 35 MPH. Good Lord.

Today I am going to buy some Callaway Fusion golf clubs and I am going to test/compare my device with the one at Golfdom. Maybe at higher speeds is is more accurate.

I just bought Cee-bees break rack to help me with my break. So we shall see if my speed can be increased after lots of practice. Will let you know for what it is worth.


02-02-2008, 09:18 AM
Whitewolf don't be to concerned with the speed. Work on your timing and accuracy. the speed will come. The break rack is an excellent training tool! I use it in class when my students are working on their break. By the way 18-20 mpg is the average breaking for most males.