View Full Version : Cushion facings

02-02-2008, 11:24 AM
Just got some rail rubber and cushion facings for my table and I am wondering about the facings. I had a table mechanic tell me he "never saw a facing he didn't like" ,so, I did not give this much concern and just figured the facings that come with the cushions should be fine. Now that I have them they just do not look as nice as the rail rubber. I have the Tour Edition rubber and the facings are 1/8" black rubber. I have read a great many posts about pockets "playing tight" even though they are large, different facings including even WOOD or leather, pocket angles etc. Starts to get confusing after a while. Just curious what table mechanics are using for pocket facings? I would imagine the density of the facings has some influence on the ball being accepted into the pocket?