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04-02-2003, 07:46 AM
The UPA drafted guidelines insuring that all prize money would be paid at all UPA sanctioned
events. These guidelines required the promoter(s) putting guaranteed prize fund in an escrow
account w/an attorney for the purpose of paying the prize fund, or using the UPA's own attorney,
or putting it up with the UPA itself.
Promoters, players, and even fans felt this was an unfair guideline and requested the UPA
to relax its guidelines thus allowing promoters to pay in “good faith.” So to work with
promoters, the UPA voted and amended the original guideline to make it an option instead
of a stipulation.
The UPA guidelines further stated that any promoter that has had an unblemished history
of always paying all prize money guarantees would not have to put their money in escrow
or with the UPA. Other promoters who do not have a perfect history would be handled by
the UPA on a case by case basis.
The Mid Atlantic Open promoted by Mr Brady Behrman was the first event to pass under
the new amendment (money not needed in escrow).
The Mid Atlantic Open failed to payout all prize monies due. The UPA has notified Mr.
Behrman that the UPA will be setting a due date for all monies to be paid to the UPA
players affected before legal action takes place.
Mr Behrman has notified us that he intends to pay all monies owed.
UPA players understand that under the new amendment, the UPA cannot verify any prize
money at an event before or during the event. However, the UPA does have a contract
with each promoter that states they are legally bound to pay all prize monies guaranteed at
an event.

Please understand that this has been an issue since the Mid Atlantic Open held at the end of
January. Despite many requests by media to comment on the lack of payment for players,
the UPA has chosen to remain silent hoping things would be worked out (payers being
payed the guaranteed prize). Due to international pressure as well as players legitimately
desiring action by their organization, the UPA is forced to pursue legal action if the
situation is not reconciled.

It is the UPA’s desire that things work out, and future relations are friendly. If you have any
further questions, you can call the UPA directly for any further comment. Thank you.

Frank Alvarez III
UPA Representative

04-02-2003, 07:31 PM
Howdy Mr.Alvarez,
What is UPA.Can u please elaborate the abreviation UPA.cheers

04-02-2003, 08:45 PM
Vagabond, check out www.upatour.org

04-03-2003, 08:07 PM