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03-14-2008, 12:15 AM
Its just after 2 AM, and I just got back from a full day at the expo.

The day started off with an early wakeup at 7:45 AM, shower, then a beastly breakfast that had an awesome stuffed red pepper, and a 4 egg omelette containing chopped broccoli and green peppers! Then it was off to the car for the 4 hour haul to the expo!

Let me tell you- I love driving, but I hate driving and not knowing where I'm going. My winter beater, a 95 BMW 318iS (4 cyl coupe) gets great gas mileage, but I don't have navigation in it, so I never know where the hell I am. I had to rely on Map Quest! After this experience, all I can say is **** MAP QUEST! It routed me in this awful zigzag pattern, through towns with 25 MPH speed limits that people were following, and none of the distances were remotely close! The one road said I was supposed to be on it for 2.2 miles. I had to be on it for 37 miles. Yes, 37, not 3.7. At least it was a beautiful day and I was able to enjoy use of my sunroof! 5 hours later (should have been 4, but one wrong turn and you don't know where the hell you are!)

I finally found my way to Valley Forge Convention Center. This was my first time at the expo, so I didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, I didn't expect anything like I saw. I wandered around for a little bit before meeting up with some friends. Then we all checked out some exhibits together.

The exhibits were cool, and some people running them were even better. I'm not gonna mention which ones blew me off, but there were some who could definitely use some social/people/business skills.

The great ones though, really made the expo entertaining for me. I'm just gonna go through the list in the order we saw the exhibits. First stop was Paul Dayton's booth. He is straight up an awesome guy. He took the time to explain things to us, wood specifics, pool history, told some stories. Paul was extremely friendly, and I really hope to meet him again, next time to purchase one of his gorgeous cues. The wood he uses is astonishing!

After speaking with him, and grabbing some food, we checked out Diamond Billiard display, to inquire about the tables. The guy that helped us there was also extremely knowledgeable, and really took a decent amount of time to talk to us.

The next two booths we bounced back and fourth from. The two booths were the Tiger exhibit, and the OB-1 exhibit. One of the guys in our party was really thinking about picking up an after market shaft. We bounced back and fourth many times- Gibbi at Tiger and John at OB-1 were both extremely, well over the top, helpful. Gibbi set up some drills, explained every detail, and was very friendly with our mountains of questions. John at OB-1 stood up equally. We had easily asked him 500 questions concerning the build and design of the OB-1. Lets face it, its by far the most intriguingly built shaft, and a few engineers in the making were very curious. Dennis Diekman was also at the OB-1 booth for a short time, and he was a great guy too.

Those were the booths who's service really stood out to me. Lets face it, a group of college students walks up to your exhibition- in about 10 seconds, you can tell if you are going to sell your cue, your table, or if you are just going to be bombarded with questions needlessly. Still, these gentlemen took the time when there were other prospect customers to talk to us. Thanks a lot for that!

The exhibitors weren't the only cool people- all of the pro shots I stopped and bugged were stand up people too. Corey Deuel, John Schmidt(who took a few shots with my cue- I'm never changing that Irish Linen!), Eric Yow, Mike Masse, and Thorsten Hohmann.

10:30 rolled around, and with the drive a head of me, I decided that I had to get on outta there! I would have loved to been able to stick around, but I didn't have a place to stay. The drive back was way worse than the one going there. Even though there was no traffic, there were massive amounts of cops still, and I couldn't read my damn directions! After about an hour of zigzaggin' I gave up- said screw it, and just drove north till I found signs pointing to places I knew. I made it back in, under 4 hours later I was back.

Overall, the expo was awesome and well worth it. I encourage everyone to make it out there once. Kinda like how every guy should go to the super bowl once in his life- every pool player should check out the expo, once a YEAR!

03-14-2008, 02:11 AM
Nice to hear you had a great time. I going today and will stay for Sat and Sun. I really enjoy the whole experience.

03-14-2008, 03:35 AM

I love reading "road" stories like that, especially when I am
too busy (or too tired) to head out.

I noticed you complained about mapquest concerning how it calculated routes for you. It may be similar to a problem I
had a while back. During the summer, I was planning routes for mototbike rides. I somehow forgot about the "avoid highways" or some setting like that, that I left clicked on. So, maybe you have that option checked without knowing it. I figured I'd mention it anyway.

I thought I would be heading to my first expo this year, but too many things have sprung up, and I can't.

Anyway, have a great time...

03-14-2008, 11:26 AM
I'm heading out tomorrow after hanging a few TV's for some customers. Then its down the pike for the 40 minute drive. Got me a room right in the Radisson Hotel, so I'm not complaining. I was lucky and booked it last night, I couldnt believe they had a room available. Woohoo...now if I could just find that god dayum camera.