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Josh Palmer
03-14-2008, 07:50 PM
Well, I just decided to have a thorough exam for my eyes... I look like an alien right now because of my dialated eyes. Reminds me of the blank stare of a zombie!

Anyhow, I was driving back from Phoenix on the 10, and coughing from a cold I had way too long. Suddenly, I couldn't see anything in my center vision. The San Bernadino sign was almost non existent. The only thing I could see was the top right corner of the 'o'. That lasted 3 hours, and wasn't very cool. I couldn't tell at that point which eye it was in, but had some severe pain behind my right eye. I wrote it off as an eye problem. I just had my eyes checked, and they were 20-13, and 20-15 respectively, with a slight astigmatism. He could see all the floaters in the right eye, but told me to watch if they spread. At this point, he mentioned that I may have had a hemmorage in the occipital region of my brain to cause this... In essence, a tiny little stroke. Wow! Now that is not coming from a qualified Dr., but it did open my eyes a little.

What's funny, is that I drove to Stix in Rancho Cucamonga right after the episode, and gambled all night with a guy, and also the owner. I said "If I go blind, I'll have to quit you, stuck or not, but I'll play again tomorrow"

Now that I look back, I think it was a funny statement... I cared more about pool than my eye!

03-14-2008, 08:11 PM
Josh, I think I'd go back to see the Doctor (if the condition persists), you could have somethng seriously wrong!.....not with your vision.....cause 20/20 is perfect and 20/15 is even better vision...so something else more important may be an issue!

David Harcrow

03-14-2008, 09:34 PM
"If I go blind, I'll have to quit you, stuck or not, but I'll play again tomorrow"

That's pretty dang funny... I may have to quote you on that. Don't worry I'll eventually give you credit;)

I would certainly get that eye thing checked out though. You know...vision is kinda important to pool players. Good luck with that.