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04-02-2003, 09:55 PM
our event here in rochester at classic billiards was a great event with 2 great players in the finals. earl strickland and keith mccready gave the fans an incredible finals to watch. it was a classic.i can not thank either of them enough for taking time out of there schedule to come here. earl is a true champion and keith gave the fans what they were looking for.i also have to thank every one else like charlie williams, alex pagulan, evegeny stalev, santos, for coming and giving all the fans a great time letting them see your skills as top notch players.you have all made them your heroes.mike zuglan runs a first class tour and joe tucker is a great director and they should be commended.i also have to say thank you to diana hoppe and mike howerton from azbilliards for covering our event.we were left with alot of memories because of their hard work.i thank you 2 from the bottom of my heart.it really means alot to us here. again thank you earl you are a great champion, keith your fans love you here. all of the players were great and should be commended.thanks for the excitement you gave us. we will never forget.
rich warren
classic billiard

Earl Strickland
04-03-2003, 04:57 PM
Hi Rich and Jacky and everybody Every thing was perfect except the snow ont the way home haha but we beat it .Rich it was 76 today with a lite wind ,played pretty good , need more pratice .looking forward to next event ,see you at Mike X's in New Bedford Ma and don"t forget the clubs .

Take Care Earl Strickland,