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The King
04-26-2008, 07:15 AM
I have been offered a very good deal on a Cooper pool table but have never heard of them. Has anyone here ever heard of them??? The table is a 3 1/2 by 7 footer ... It is a bar box which is really just right for the room I want to put a table in ...I'm not looking for an elite table but something I can practice on any time I want in between trips to the pool hall or club...

The table looks almost like a Valley ... The only difference I can see is the legs are similar but a little different ... The top has a new felt and new rails and the top is in great shape to very good shape ... The formica on the sides needs some work ... But the guy said he has 600.00 alone in the slate and wants to sell it to me for 750.00 ... The table is set up for use in home but also comes with a set of keys... Just never heard of Cooper and was wondering if any of you had??? Any tips or recomends ???

04-26-2008, 08:58 AM
One of the worst tables made.
I once saw one while checking out used tables.
I looked under the table and found out the rails bolted on with lag screws.

Danny Kuykendal
04-26-2008, 12:34 PM
I sold new and used pool tables in Orange County when Cooper was making tables in Santa Ana. Worst tables made could be an understatement.
If you do buy one, you'll probably spend more money fixing it up than the table cost you, and then you won't have much of a table.
You might want to look for a three piece slate table with a thick frame and not-so-old rubber.

The King
04-26-2008, 05:11 PM
Orange County ... I met my first wife there ... She turned out to be about like the Cooper Pool table you describe ... lol... Thank both of you for your input on the table it is much appreciated ...

04-26-2008, 07:49 PM
I will have to go along with the consensus on this table. Played on a few in Kentucky/Tennessee and I found unless you barely struck the cueball, when it hit a rail it went airborne! Would not recommend buying one unless you just needed something to beat balls around with and could pick it up for a couple hundred.