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04-28-2008, 12:52 PM
I know that I don't post very often on here but I am an avid reader. (And I play a little pool...:rolleyes: ) I wanted to take a minute to share with people the events of the finals at the Cue Ball in Salem Oregon this past weekend.

It was Mary Olsen who, I have to say played flawless for the majority of the tournament, VS. Cindy Sliva who is commonly known as "Eddie Mataya's girlfriend". I think I am posting this for the simple reason that she deserves to be known for her own skill which is formidable.

Cindy has played for the point in these tournaments and always taken third so her goal was to simply get the point. She knocked Mary Olsen to the b-side and took the point in a pretty impressive come from behind victory. I say impressive for the simple fact that Mary was frightening to watch this weekend. Absolutely solid pool.

Mary knocked Liz Cole out and came back to face Cindy having completely regrouped from her earlier loss. Almost immediately she had a 6-0 lead over Cindy in a race to nine final and Cindy was quickly finding herself in quicksand. Getting more frustrated in the process making more and more mistakes.

At this point.... everything became just a little "unreal"....

Cindy sat down.... took a deep breath.... exhaled..... and proceeded to play with more 'heart' than I have ever seen. The score became 6-2.... then 7-5.... then suddenly 7-7..... then hill-hill.... After a three or four round game of safeties for the 5 ball in the 15th rack... Cindy ran out for the win.

I just want to give her credit for the heart. The control and focus. It makes me want to play. And it makes me want to play better.

It made me want her recognized for her own game instead of who she's dating.

I also want to say that Mary Olsen showed alot of class in a situation where most of us would have been pretty frustrated. She was absolutely gracious about it and I have alot of respect for her and her game.

04-28-2008, 01:51 PM
What a great post!!!
I have played both players on many occasions. They both are class acts.
Congrats to Cindy. WTG !!! And congrats to Mary for a great 2nd place.
I am certainly very proud to be a part the the pool community in the Pacific Northwest.
Eddie who??? LOL (oh yes, Cindy Slivas boyfriend lol)(just teasing eddie)Eddie Mataya has certainly proved many times, he is a top player in this area.

Andrea Saenz Maes

04-29-2008, 08:50 PM
Great job to Cindy and Mary. Cindy is my girl! She is an up and coming player who is coming into her own. I had spent the last 3 weeks straight on the road for my job with no pool, and did not give her my best game and she got a couple early nines, but she won fair and square 7-5.

Cindy has also learned how to play correctly from the beginning, by playing AGAINST the best players in the NW and getting advice from those same players, including my husband (who has given her more pointers than he ever did to me, lol). We all saw great potential in Cindy and she works hard on her game and I am very proud of her.

Many years ago, I took Mary aside and gave her some pointers that improved her game and she really does play the game well now. I think she just needed some boosts in her confidence.

Congratulations to 2 champions!