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04-28-2008, 09:44 PM
As a new member of this site, i'm glad there's a place to resolve thier issues about pool, but this one really ticked me off, here we go!!!!

After everyone in our leagues were informed that thier names and money had to be in on a certain day for airfare and hotel room, about a week later Vnea announced pool table rates will be $2.00 per game in vegas, (but not to the players), i guess the charter holders had to tell thier players, what a crook of crap.

First i'd like to say, it came from a third party source, important ref from the vegas tourny, and second from a person from our charter holder, (no names will be mentioned) but good sources involved in the VNEA system.

If this is true, this is my biggest pet peev :mad: about this tourny, the only people making money on these tournys, are the Charter holders and VNEA, from compted rooms, too food and drinks, shows, etc., etc., and what kills me the most, they make it off the players, and very little comes back to us, compared to what they make. If it wasn't for the players involved in these system, there wouldn't be no high profile vegas tourny every year, but we keep going back each year:confused: , and going into our pockets for thier pleasure, just don't get it.

As players involved in all these pool leagues and tournys every year, we should start speaking up as a group and make these guys listen to our needs for once, and we should start by stop going to the big VEAN las vegas tourny, and tell them, get off your high horse and give more back for a change, or just start playing in the BCA tournys only

PLease response to this threat, good or bad, because i might be missing something here and don't see it at a player stand point

note, i was also a ref in vegas too, and seen what goes on there:eek:

04-30-2008, 06:29 AM
Where did you see this. I just checked the site and has nothing about that.

I remember seeing in the magazine (will look tonight) that it says play is on Valley Tables but not sure if it said how much. If this is true, it sucks and will be the last time I play in this league or go to there tournaments