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05-01-2008, 08:50 AM
on onepocket.org. I saw this and felt a need to share. Also the entire interview is a good read.
1P: Is there anything else you want to add?

RA: Anyway, before I pass away, I'd really like to have a One Pocket tournament that's different than the way they have it today. I don't like the scoring system used today. I don't mean scoring the balls, I mean the double elimination tournament; it just doesn't create enough excitement. Say you have 64 players and you've run four rounds and the news media comes up and says, who's leading the tournament? Well you tell me, who's leading the tournament right now?

1P: Well, there are eight of them on the winner's side?

RA: Oh, eight people, folks! They need a scoring system just like golf, where if you get beat like I did by Billy Palmer yesterday, 24 balls to 2, you could go from 16 th place to here, and if you win 24-2, you jump up here. Then you have a leader board, and every ball is important. I have a format for that tournament, but no one wants to change, everybody likes it. They're so set in their ways with pool ? do this; don't gamble; don't do this ? it's just ridiculous.

1P: Is that what I have heard called ?Oklahoma Straight Pool', where you go to a number of balls like 25, and if you finish one rack, you just start another until someone reaches 25?

RA: I never heard of that, but that sounds like what I had for a tournament in St. Louis. I'm sixty-five, and I never knew anyone thought about that except me. I came in second and Raphael Martinez won it. It was go to thirty balls. You just play, and whoever's behind in balls breaks them. You play the whole rack out ? it makes a much more skilful game ? in other words, you might get lucky and run eight and that's all you get. Well I can still get seven. Now you're only ahead eight-seven, and it's my break, because I'm behind. Yeah, I had a tournament like that, and it was very successful. Now you've got a leader board. Now you can tell people, look, he's ahead. Today you can't tell me ? we're in the middle of a tournament here in Sacramento, folks ? and I don't even know who's leading the tournament. That's no good for the audience and no good for the news media. I've been hollering about that for twenty years, but nobody wants to hear.

Terry Ardeno
05-01-2008, 09:54 AM
There are great interviews at OnePocket.org, and Ronnie Allen's was one of them.

I wonder how much more people would know and appreciate RA if he played today instead off his heyday being the 1960's? Today, one pocket is played by way more people than when he played and it's talked about more than ever. He would have had so much more recognition had his prime been today.
Can you imagine the battles that him and Efren would have had!

05-01-2008, 10:15 AM
They would have to have Light stands rather than light hangers to hold the stake up. Cause at any point a player shooting could get hit with the weight of a wells fargo truck.