View Full Version : Odd tip Q

05-01-2008, 02:08 PM
OK, this may sound odd but worth a shot. What tip should I buy to replace a 10-yr old tip on my Joss that would approximate a hard, worn-out tip? I love the feel of it, I think due to the fact that it sat so long in my case, thing is probably half petrified and is part of the shaft :-). It's also pretty small by now, probably only a couple of mm in hight. I'm afraid a true hard tip would feel too jarring, but a med or soft tip would make for a mushy hit compared to what it is now.

Should I use a compressed Triangle or something?

05-01-2008, 04:20 PM
Have you called danny to see what the tip was- If it played really good,I would say it could have been (crown jewel). I just purchased some tips from the past. The joss tips were the bomb. old french Champion, Antique french champions,crowns,huge Pro Selects, Talisman hards,5 kamui II's, About 23 more ferrules. JUst in case. I sold a joss shaft at the derby exactly like Shane's- it had the crown jewel. Good luck- mike at omega has kamui II's, Guido sells them as well,great service too. All depends on your location. my 02 cents, the favorite so far is Kamui Med luckgood,mark