View Full Version : New Ginacue - It's Alive!!!

05-02-2008, 12:28 AM
I love my Gina pictured in my avatar and couldn't be happier with it in EVERY way except one, it may be a little too "fancy" for me as a daily (or in my case weekly at best) player, so I have another on the way.

I decided I wanted something simple, so I asked Ernie if he could make me a "Plain Jane", not a Sneaky Pete as *I* define them, but something that might not beg to be stolen if left alone for 10 seconds, something that wouldn't have people saying "his cue has a lot more speed than HE does", something I wouldn't wince quite as much about if it hit the leg of a stool.

Ernie agreed and I had the good fortune of:

A. Living close and loving hanging out and being a nuisance.

B. Not working, so lots of time for "A".

C. Catching him as he was starting on several cues and could "squeeze" a plain one in.

D. Giving his Rottweiler "Rocky" my undying love and endless affection.

The cue will have a SS joint, BEM lightly stained no points, ABCDE Rings and linen wrap.

I was there this afternoon for a few minutes (4 1/2 hours) and after watching him complete all forearms in progress (think ebony, ivory, snakewood, silver, etc), he finished mine last.....:)

When we had discussed the rings I pretty much left it up to Ernie (he seems to have some sense for these things) and he had chosen a 10 section ring with each section consisting of a black border, small blue veneers, black center, small blue veneers again and black border again, with maple between the 10 section. It was beautiful and it was pretty plain, just as I had asked. A few times until now I would ask, what about a "this" or a "that" and he would say "I thought you wanted plain" and he kept me from doing the same thing I did on my cue in the avatar....("gee, maybe some inlays in the SHAFTS")

Well, one of the noses he was finishing today had abalone dots in it and the green luminesent pearl shine was amazing and I told him so. Turns out he decided to put 10 of the abalone dots in the centers of each ring's black sections, 50 in all, which is what I watched (20 in two rings) this afternoon.

It made the cue come SO alive it was like magic, he had heard me all along when I kept hinting at something unique, something to fulfill my desire for the "bling" without ending up with another "fancy" cue.

I didn't have my camera but I am *sure* to "drop in" again tomorrow and get some pics which I will post here immediamento!

Don't ask me how much, I don't even know although I'm sure I could have gotten his cheapest catalog cue for less, but this is exactly what I want and now I am again, just like last time, like a kid in a candy store waitin' for my cue......:)

I should have pictures posted tomorrow in the gallery forum (lousy, but I'll do my best) of the forearm, and pictures of the completed cue shortly after my return from the Vegas 9-ball on the 9th, 10th and 11th.

Unfortunately, I think the new cue will still give me the 7 and the breaks.........:)