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My Cue's Long, Lost Brother Visits Me

Posted 01-09-2013 at 07:28 PM by CJ Wiley

I was at a local pool room last night hitting some balls and I kept hearing the sound of the guy on the next table hitting his shots. This seemed kind of odd, I'm usually not aware of the sound of someone hitting the cue ball, this seemed strangely different.

I watched him hit a couple of shots and he seemed to be playing very similar to how I do as far as the contact of the cue ball and the sound that it made. I approached him between games and said "you're not from around here are you?" he replied "no, I'm from Mississippi...you don't remember be do you?"

I looked at him for something to "jog" my memory (something was familiar) and answered "I know we've talked before, and I like the way you hit the ball." He gestured at his cue and said "I bet you remember that cue!" Glancing quickly where he was pointing, wonder what he meant, I saw one of my original "signature line cues" I endorsed with McDermott many years ago.

"Wow, that's one of my originals." He smiled, with a twinkle in his eye and exclaimed "that IS your original, I bought it off you after watching you play with it back in '94'...you had retired it to the display case at 'CJ's' and I convinced you to sell it to me, I've had it ever since."

This sent a shiver down my spine as I picked it up looking at the yin and yang sign I had used on the butt, and the special wood used for the original design. "That's why I kept noticing the sound it made, it was modeled identically after the Bludworth Cue I'm playing with now."

What a surreal moment as my mind raced to understand how I could have identified the sound made by my cue's long, lost brother. "That's amazing, we were basically using the same cue playing side by side and I unconsciously was signaled by the sound your cue made and it stood out like a church bell on Sunday morning.

We both had a laugh, talked about the "good ole days at CJ's," and chalked this up as one of those special times in life that makes me wonder how it's all enter woven so beautifully together. A part of me wants to understand and the other part is glad I don't. 'The Game is the Teacher' www.cjwiley.com
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