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Hal Houles CTE in detail

Posted 02-04-2012 at 04:49 AM by JB Cases

Originally Posted by SpiderWebComm View Post
Just some notes after watching JB's video. I'm NOT knocking or anything. JB's a great guy. I just found myself writing notes while watching -- here they are:

This video could have been called a 90/90 video too. Same thing. Same thing as 90/90, 90/center, 90/reverse90.

Based on JB's video, I think he's misunderstanding the usage of the secondary line. It's not, "OK I see the CTEL and I also see the secondary line." The purpose of the secondary line is to get the perfect eye placement and eye offset from the CTEL. I think people lose this critical point. JB's eye placement seems random on every shot.

There's no feel where the bridge hand placement is to be. There's a definitive point for each player depending on the bridge length (for more than a 1/2 tip pivot). For a 1/2 tip pivot, it's your bridge length, just offset 1/2 tip from center. Jim Scott coined a term "bridgehand spot" -- and he's right. There's one spot per any given offset. The smaller the offset (1/2 tip), obviously the "spot" turns into a "range."

Pivoting isn't guessing and doesn't need to be played with. 1/2 tip pivots are as objective as it gets (works for all functional bridge lengths). 1/2 ball pivots are less objective, but still objective if someone knows how to arc right. The 1/2 ball pivot requires a longer bridge length as well.

JB says CTE/ETE...body between the two lines...and step in. That's not right. The secondary line dictates the CTEL offset. So if you offset (away) from the CTEL and opposite the secondary line--- your eyes can't be between the lines.

At 28:00, his reason for missing had nothing to do with the pivot. His eye placement / visual can't be right based on his instructions. The reason he's missing the thinner shots is because his eye placement is random. It probably doesn't seem random to him (and I'm NOT knocking), I'm just saying his approach to get to the 1/8 is different every time (I can see it in the video).

This system is all about perfection. Aiming systems don't mean you can be less perfect in setup. It merely gives you objective points in order to define a perfect process. If he's not using the 1/2 tip pivot, you MUST be perfect in your arc--- his seems more random. Truthfully, most don't want to learn "arcing" correctly--- so the 1/2 tip is perfect (because it's repeatable) or air pivoting is as well. NO MATTER what technique you use, you MUST be PERFECT in your alignments, eye position and "coming into center" --- whatever that means (air pivot, 1/2 tip, 1/2 ball or anything in the middle).

If you follow these instructions and have the same cut angles but much longer distances--- balls start missing without perfection. Trust me.


Eye offsets from the CTEL are important -- and they must be perfect.

Because I use a 1/2 ball pivot, I'm creative with my pivot arcs depending on shots/angles and how I want to offset friction. Stan focused his entire DVD on a static, objective pivot (which creates more than thick, thin, super thin alignments). You need 7/8, A, B and 1/8 on the thin side.

Alignments shift due to CB/OB distance as well (for shots within a diamond).

I think Mohrt's blog is great and many will find it useful. For those who are just starting with CTE, Stan's DVD is prob the best place to begin. Only when that's understood, should anyone venture into the variables that surround the system. The VISUALS aspect must be totally mastered. If you don't master the "visuals concept" --- you can't be perfect in your setup. If you're not perfect in your setup, you'll miss and not know why.

I hope that makes sense.
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