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why do some cue makers

Posted 03-23-2012 at 07:21 PM by JB Cases

Post preserved to prove Thomas Wayne owes Dean more than $1000 for a cue.

Originally Posted by deanoc View Post
one of the warped cues, I referred to , was sold to hawaiian brians to establish a dealer for tw cues
thomas took it back to alaska promising to fix it

after some years of no response from tw ,i returned the money in full to the buyer
the cue was never repaired or returned and I lost over $1000

i have several hall of fame cue makers who can certify that in response thomas threaten to beat me up in a cue show in Houston

so i am not trying to prove a negative

all of this is public knowledge as are several of his other ranting episodes

so now he jumps on john barton for living in china, or dennis searing for
making better cues or etc

it doesn't take a genius to see that thomas is not a kind person,nor is he ashamed of
attempting to defame others for
little reason,or no reason at all

if someone could remember the Leonard Bludworth episode for us all.it would be a story
worth reading

this is my thread so lets review
i asked a simple question about rounded inlays

that question has been handled and explained to everyone's satisfaction,but a few malcontents

thomas hijacked the thread and used it as an opportunity to malign another person for his own selfish reasons
his anger grew to the point of involving poor thin skinned soft spoken John Barton
I felt it necessary to defend John
this brought forth the rest of my story,there is much more, but unless any of you can not see the problem , the good guys and the bad guys in the story,then more info wouldn't help

since it appears that every living cue maker has improved his work and it is not fair to judge him by his earlier cues,or even a single indiscretion , i suggest that the matter is not worthy of more discussion

if matters of character actually mean anything to you,i believe there is enough said here to settle the matter for anyone with eyes to see
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