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Posted 10-30-2009 at 09:34 AM by jojopiff

This is my first time blogging so I'm going to go over all my thoughts.

First thing is that I'm just starting to play well again after a summer in which I played a lot of golf and very little pool. I'm playing league 2 nights a week, play my friend one night, and a tournament one night. One night before league I got to the pool hall about an hour early and was shooting on a 9 foot table. I played really well shooting on the 9 footer and have continued to do so in league.

Our league is bar boxes and we play in different places, usually bars with only 3-5 tables. But my teams play out of Antique Billiards and it's got about 50 tables total. When we play at our home bar I get there about an hour early so I can shoot on the 9 foot tables. Playing on the 9' helps me keep my focus on every shot. That wasn't the case playing on bar boxes, I take shots and leaves for granted and dog them.

I have an 8' table at home, now the reason I bought an 8' is because a 9' table would fit so I thought an 8' would be better than a 7'. I'm not so sure about this now, I've come to the opinion that an 8' is the easiest table for 8 & 9 ball. Just big enough for nearly as many clusters but short enough that you don't have any super long shots. I've had my table for about 3 years now and I wish I would have got something different. I'm happy I have a table but in retrospect...

I'm going to go play in a 9 ball tournament tonight. I'm not a big fan of 9 ball but there isn't really any 8 ball tourneys around here. And this tournament is usually strong so I'll play a game I don't particularly like to play some good people. And hopefully find some small action, there are a couple guys I've got in mind who are better than me that I'd like to match up with and see where I'm at. I'm sure they would be happy to gamble with someone not as good as them come to think of it!

That's it, I'll post my results in a couple of days. If anybody's out there.
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