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Super Ignore Add-on

Posted 12-15-2010 at 07:11 PM by JB Cases
Updated 05-03-2011 at 11:28 PM by JB Cases

Super Ignore Add-on

Well I have found a great add on for managing my forum experience. It's a way to ignore users to the point where they are completely invisible as if they don't exist.

Here is what I wrote.

If you use Firefox then you can install this extension and have AWESOME control over the ignore features among other things.

Right now if you build an ignore list you still see that person's comments in quotes by others. If you use this extension you erase them from existence altogether in your forum experience. You don't see them or any time they are quoted. So in order for you to see any comments by someone on your ignore someone will have to take extra steps to insure that you see it. And that's real handy to know who else to put on ignore.

And another BRILLIANT feature is the IGNORE THREAD feature.

You don't want to see the endless argument about whose case is better? IGNORE THREAD and it disappears. Tired of aiming systems or why the APA sucks? right Click and choose IGNORE THREAD and it's bye bye.

Don't want to see a particular person's signature? Voila they have an IGNORE SIGNATURE feature where you don't have to turn all of them off.

Don't like someones Avatar? These guys thought of everything - Ignore Avatar is a choice as well.

I just installed this and it's the NUTS - THE NUTS I SAY - even stronger than getting the break, ball in hand after the break and the five ball!

AND it works on the Stickies!!!! YAY no more Stickies cluttering up the forum.

Be your own mod and clean up the forum on your own!!!

UPDATE: For some reason it's not in the Firefox Add On list any more

Here are two places you can get it



Super Ignore is just my name for it. Better than FFVB.

UPDATE 5/4/2011 - This only works on Firefox. I currently am using Chrome more because it's faster. FF is awesome and I prefer it but for some reason it's bloated and slow now. :-( So if FF is good for you then this is a great great tool. If not then you have to put up with a lot of unpleasant people and topics.
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