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Pool Techniques - Billiards Physics and the Masse Shot

Posted 06-28-2012 at 05:50 AM by thailandcues

Masse shot in right angle.

- A masse shot is a shot in pool made by hitting the cue ball with the cue held nearly vertically; the cue ball spins around another ball before hitting the object ball. When one hits the centre ball, the cue ball usually slides and rolls depending on how one hit it. To get a draw, one should hit the ball beneath the centre. Originally, the ball spins backwards; the spinning slows during the sliding making the ball roll towards the front. The distance the ball travels with the backward spin depends on the strength of the shot and how low one cues the ball. If the ball hits another one when spinning backwards, then it will go back to the person. A follow is achieved by stunning the cue ball over the center. The ball then spins forward, if it collides with another ball it will spin forward. However, the ball is known to have natural flow because it spins upon the cloth. During a impact with another ball the cue ball pauses quickly, then follow or draw takes hold.

Stop shot can be achieved by using center ball so long as the cue ball is near to the target ball. The former slides to the latter and stops as the next shoots forward due to the impact. Many stop shots are made using a draw. One can reach aim by several means. One is to aim the ghost ball directly; another is to concentrate on striking the cue ball at the point of contact of the ghost and object balls. Additionally, one can adjust the aim to the perfect shot. Having consistent hits to shoot can help as well. Aiming for a half ball strike and adjusting it to the required thickness is another way. A path after a collision are created when an object ball strikes a cue ball then moves along the line in-between the two ball's center.

Part English occurs when a number of spin axes change as the ball starts spinning causing a small bend. Level strokes with side English also cause curves on the paths of cue balls. Elevating cue butts increases curves and can make one miss shots. Masse shot, which is a cue's higher elevation can produce stunning effects and cause tear on the cloth. The speed of the balls usually changes the angles belonging to banks and kicks. When the cue slithers off the cue ball's side, instead of striking it steadily, a miscue occurs. When one greatly raises the cue, they cause the cue ball to jump. This is called a jump shot which is hard to aim and not allowed in snooker. Ball speed can adjust the angle when two balls hit each other. Masse shot's curves happen quicker when the speed is slower. Even so there is greater spin when the speed is fast hence it is difficult to get the correct speed of a masse shot.

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