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Playing a different Game Than Your Competition

Posted 11-03-2012 at 04:39 AM by CJ Wiley
Updated 04-14-2017 at 02:19 AM by CJ Wiley
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In all fairness, when discussing things that are "outside the norm" it usually takes a variety or combination of explanations before it's truly understood. I take it for granted since, in person I have a mental list of 3 themes of explanations - variations of specific details that are proven (in my experience) to get someone in the "understanding mode" quickly..

I know my grip has been questioned and talked about, and I did go over it in my original 'Ultimate Pool Secrets' using a sword - I resisted going into great detail. The most important component of a "good grip" is acceleration, and the ability to feel the cue ball/tip connection at impact. "the moment of truth is the moment of impact in billiards"9.

I play with a firm, controlled pressure, that gives {ME} the ideal balance between power and touch. I use the same pressure when playing golf or tennis as well and played all three games at the same time for several years when in my early teenage years (although I played golf left handed).

I cock my wrist slightly on all shots, just less on finesse or slow rolled shots, and more on "power shots". My main objective, in Buddy Hall fashion is to hit most shots the same speed and as in my example cock up to eye level from my hip. Then I take my practice stokes BEFORE I get down on the shot, not after.

My main objective is to cock my wrist/fingers in such a way to create a track/slot that makes it virtually impossible to not hit the cue ball straight.

Yes, the stroke (for me) is a pushing motion that accelerates the tip EXACTLY at the surface of the cue ball. When players on here talk about pulling the cue they lose me because I can't relate to that at all. Notice I don't tell them they are full of "BS", "crazy", "trying to con people" "say they are talking nonsense", I JUST simply am "quietly confused" and can't relate to why they play in that manner.

The TOUCH of Inside technique I have explained in many ways. First off, I do not spin the cue ball, I just "cue it" to the inside. This creates a situation that slightly overcuts the object ball. When combined with this "Wrist/Finger Stroke" it is DEADLY ACCURATE and expands the Pocket Zone by an impressive margin. Someone that aims at the center of the pocket and uses center ball can't win with the 5/7 playing 9 Ball.

I'm not boasting, just stating a fact, when you learn to use the 3 Part Pocket System and look at the pocket as a Zone (and learn to pre set your hand so you hit the cue ball straight every time), the Game changes and becomes possible to play without error for hours at a time.

I'm not claiming to be "better" than the players {on this Forum} that don't understand my techniques, I'm simply playing a different Game than they are.

So share our techniques in any way you can, just be aware that they won't be for everyone and there will always be "scoffers" that dislike anything new. This is not their fault, it's human nature and they are human after all. The Game is our Teacher
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