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Mosconi Cup will be on AMERICAN TV LIVE

Posted 11-13-2012 at 08:23 PM by CJ Wiley

ESPN doesn't have a personal opinion about pool or any other game. It's about business, nothing more, nothing less. They produce some of their own shows, but most of the major sports/games just use ESPN for their main purpose of business - supplying time slot schedules and providing "air time" for Executive Producers.

I've been in many meeting with ESPN, FOX SPORTS and Prime Sports SW when I was producing and/or working with televising pool shows. Pool to them is like any other game, just like shrimp is "just another food item" to a guy that owns a seafood restaurant. Let me explain better in a story.

WE (my partners, employees, and I) had a nightclub/billiard hall that had 53 kinds of beer. WE sold more beer than anyone in Dallas at that time and was on the "hot list" of B/L/W (beer, liquor,wine) "REPS" (representitives). They came several times a week and constantly set up appointments to meet with my bar manager and sometimes myself to try to get their product "in our doors".

Did we care about what kind of beer we sold? "NO" Did we stock the most popular beer? "YES" Would we remove beer that no one promoted, advertised or bought? "YES" Would we add new beers or ones that the "REPS" suggested? "YES" Did I add beers that I personally liked? "No, I don't drink beer or even like the way it tastes". However, we sold Millions of bottles of beer. WE sold more beer than ESPN can ever sell in TV Shows!

The moral of the story? Pool has no "REPS" that go on a weekly basis to "sell the TV" on adding their product. This is done in a variety of ways very similar to how the B/L/W "REPS" used to proposition me. Very simple

WE will be those "REPS" and will be as soon as I get my DVD Priority DONE and the Mosconi Cup BACK IN THE USA (WE have a GREAT team) I personally believe, if not this year, next year the Mosconi Cup will be on AMERICAN TV LIVE. Anyone wanna bet?

If anyone wants to be a "REP" with me or thinks they can add to this venture, let me know. From my experience "the more the better". 'The Game IS the Teacher'
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