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The Art of Seduction - A Girl's Guide to Love and Lust_2174

Posted 11-28-2012 at 09:23 AM by 673448941

Let's take a look at the art of seduction for a few minutes. Do you know how many men completely and utterly disappoint their women when it comes to making her melt with intimate (and erotic) energy and imagination? A lot....if not MOST! It's true, and every secret survey of women...single or married says the EXACT same thing: Women are absolutely BORED when it comes to sex with their significant others, with ONE recent popular poll revealing that MORE women would prefer to go shopping for shoes....rather than having sex with their husbands!
Ouch is right..:-)
Let's take a quick look at a few things YOU can do to make sure you don't suffer the same ignominious fate as those guys! Read on..:-)
Ambiance is NEVER Overrated!
Look, one of the elemental differences between men and women is prominently recognizable when it comes to ambiance...and sex. Men could really care LESS about good lighting,Women Air Jordan 3.5, fragrant aromas, fine wine and and even a FINER atmosphere..:-) Women simply MELT at the mere mention of all of the above, especially when it comes to being intimate with a man they REALLY feel attracted to.
Anticipation is Everything
In combination with an amazing setting, there is NOTHING hotter than the slow burn that leads up to an adventure in hedonistic and heavenly love making with a man you can't keep your hands off of. If you do ONE thing right in the seduction department with a girl you REALLY like, this is the one you want to master. Women "peak" sexually far later in life...but ALSO far later in terms of the intimacy and comfort cycle in a relationship...and IN a single romantic encounter as well.
What does this mean? The slower the seduction for her....the more POWERFUL and erotic it becomes, and just about EVERY woman you ask, if telling you the truth will agree!
"I know youns hooligans are in them woods. Come out now n' youns won't be in any trouble. Otherwise, youns are all gonna end up in jail," he hollered. Who did he think he was kidding? There wasn't one of us that had sucked on a titty bottle for quite some time. He wasn't doing nothin' now but losin' money by standin' jawin' at us and he knew it. Still cussing, he crawled back into his truck and rattled off down the road to town with engine roaring. It was safe for us to laugh now and we put shame on the hyenas."Let's do it again," Nonick laughed. "I sure am glad my family moved to this here town. There was no fun at all to be had in the town that we came from. I wanna string the paper this time.""Sure Nonick, it's time you done somethin' on your own,Jordan Fusion 12. It's one of our rules. Before you kin be a native son, so to speak, ya gotta do somethin' all by yer ownself," Smokey told him.
It wasn't long before the bony truck came chugging back up the hill toward the bony dump carrying a full load. When it passed us and things looked safe, Nonick slipped down to the road and began to string the paper again. He did a good job of it, it being his first time and all. We didn't have long to wait before the truck had dumped its load and started back down the hill toward town. This time he was going even faster than the bat that chased the bug. There was no mistaking it. The truck's motor roared. That truck never so much as slowed down. His truck ripped through the toilet paper without making a whisper.Wizzer laughed and said, "Fellahs, that there driver thinks he has got our number. Well, I have got a surprise fer him. Come on,Air Jordan 19 (XIX). While he's gittin' loaded agin, we're gonna git a couple of them railroad ties up there by the side tracks n' bring them down here."
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