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2009/06/30 - 9-ball Tournament

Posted 07-02-2009 at 11:40 PM by mamono

Decided to enter a 9-ball tournament, probably wasn't really the best idea since I still wasn't feeling up to par, but I went anyways because I had friends that were going to be there and went mostly for the experience and to hang with friends.

1st match, guy wasn't very nice. Kept ordering me around. Told me not to rack for him, said he'll rack his own. I just couldn't get the focus and frame of mind that I normally shot in. Kept miscuing, not sure why... The tip was shaped fine, minimal or no mushrooming. Chalked well, no change in stroke, at least that I could tell... I was positive I wasn't hitching. The guy appeared to be a banger, hated to wait so he slam them in, but after the 1st shot or two he would get into position then his game would slow and be more concise. He won two game on 9-ball combo's. I kept missing routine shots. Best match and most fun was the game I won because I was filled with intentional safety shots that finally gave me the out and the break up of some problem clusters. Ultimately lost 1:3.

2nd match, guy I knew, shoots pretty well. I would break and leave the 9 somewhere near the back rail pockets. He combo's the 9 for the 1st game. 2nd game, I broke and ran out. He gave me props for that one. Had to make two key shots because I got out of position a little, most notably the 8 ball cut into corner with inside english to shorten the angle of the rock off the side rail for set on the 9 into the side pocket. 3rd game, I pretty much sold out. He gave me a very nice out off the 5 with an easy shot into a corner pocket from mid-table. Missed... He ran out from there. Lost 1:2.

I know that I wasn't shooting how I normally shoot with the exception of that one rack in the 2nd match, but I knew going into it that I wasn't going to be able to play my best game because I just wasn't feeling all that well and was tired.

Some friends showed up later and I just hung out with them for a bit. One of them brought some ladies from out of town and he knew I was a patient person, so he asked me to help teach them how to shoot. Was funny to watch my friends try to hit on them. I just kept it very casual and tried to give them verbal pointers. They thanked me and took off for a bar after to continue partying. I stayed to hang with the boys until close to closing. Watched them finish up scotch doubles for the tab. Got a laugh out of some crazy shots and some good runs.
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