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Predator sp6on

Posted 04-22-2014 at 11:21 AM by coxcol15

Ive decided to start documenting my feelings and experiences with my new predator sneaky.

Im about 10 racks deep in league with it, about another 10-12 racks deep in having fun after the matches, and I put an hour or so in at the hall alone. This cue is still very new to me.

The new predator is the successor to my dale perry ebay cue that I had butted to an OB classic. I shot with the dale perry with its original shaft for about 3 years. I found it to shoot well but got the itch to move to LD, as my game progressed and my desire to play more seriously. So i decided to purchase the OB classic. That was 9 months ago. I absolutely love the way that cue shoots and had great success with it in that 9 month period.

Three weeks ago my obsession with the game and always wanting bigger, better equipment fell victim to an opportunity to purchase a brand new predator sneaky sp6on with a 314-2. This decision is becoming to have been made from a solely materialistic standpoint. My game was just fine, having just come out of a team tournament the week prior to purchase where I had a great momentum changing break and run during a match and also shot great the rest of the tournament overall. I dont believe this purchase was based on a decision that I believed it could change my game, for the better, in a significant manner. I just simply thought I needed a new cue, something I thought was higher quality, something not full of ridicule for mass production and poor quality on ebay.

The results:
10 competitive racks.
7-3 record
8 ball singles BCA

At this point, I have a few likes and a few dislikes which is to be expected. I love the way the cue feels in my hands. Its weighted perfectly to my liking (just shy of 19oz) and as smooth of a stroke as anyone could ask for. It spins the ball great left and right, but so did the OB. I am getting better draw with the predator however and I cannot attribute why. Same stroke, same diameter tip, same everest tip. On slow, touchy shots I am feeling that the new cue is better, has more control. The belief is stemming from a significant difference in feel between the 314-2 and OB classic. On these light shots, the classic is so firm it feels as if its nearly impossible to simply bump the cue ball. On firmer shots, my feelings are very mixed at this point. Im fighting with feedback. The predator gives a very "pingy" , hollow type of feedback. The OB classic hits like a freight train on firm shots. Nothing but real feel into the back hand with no strange sounds. And finally center ball hits, anything within a half tip of center I am leaning my preference towards the predator. I cant come up with a proper description other than the OB feels "mushy" around centerball and gives no feel and little control.

Id have to say that thus far, I am enjoying my decision to purchase the predator but am still hesitant to pull the trigger on selling the dp/ob setup.

P.s. this is my first blog entry and I am going to try to keep up on this and other thoughts as I live my life with the game of pocket billiards. I appreciate any following that my come and I hope to shed light on someone!
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    bsmutz's Avatar
    Can you describe the balance difference between the two, if there is any? Is one more forward balanced than the other?
    Posted 04-24-2014 at 10:23 AM by bsmutz bsmutz is offline
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    coxcol15's Avatar


    Its funny you ask this. A day or two after buying the predator and shooting a few, I decided to assemble both cues and find the balance point. I didnt measure, I just simply laid the cues next to each other on a flat surface, aligning the butts so they were even, then picked the cue up by pinching with index and thumb. The balance point is about 1.5 inches lower (towards the butt) on the DP/OB setup. While shooting however, I cannot feel a significant difference.
    Posted 04-24-2014 at 07:18 PM by coxcol15 coxcol15 is offline

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