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Reload this Page Why no empathy for Trayvon???
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Why no empathy for Trayvon???

Posted 07-21-2013 at 10:59 AM by LWW

Originally Posted by Kid Dynomite View Post
Kid Is Busy but checking in!

I have said my peace and no one has answered MANY of the questions I asked?

I am not argumentative and indicated a lack of MALICE by Zimmerman! But, hay they can't even acknowledge that a DEAD black kid is pretty sad!!! In their minds some how he earned it! Should not have gotten skittles! Should gone home versus hide! Should have called 911! All MODIFICATIONS are to be made by Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman is not to have done one thing differently! Not ONE!

I am not suggesting throwing the book at the guy but something has to CHANGE to prevent another similar case. What that change should be I would love to hear??? Should Neighborhood watch men have uniforms? Should they be armed or unarmed? Rules say unarmed currently and Zim violated that rule and should he be punished for that? Should Zimmerman be punished for his involvement and what manner should that be, Monetary since prison is off the table unless DOJ steps in? What are your thoughts? Give Zim a medal and formal apology from the state? Maybe change the stalking laws?

But to say its OK for another kid to end up dead in a similar situation is unacceptable! We all can agree a CHANGE is coming! Just what form it takes and whether it will be in the form of Stalking legislation and stand your ground changes or increased penalties for disobeying police orders. The dismantling of Neighborhood watches across the country! We will look back and say that case changed things.


OK my brother from another mother, it's time for the four one one.

I'm part white, part black and part American Indian.

I couldn't easily pass for a black man because of the Indian cheekbones and nose, but I'm darker than Obama and have actual slave blood in my veins.

When I go out in a leather jacket and do rag I get followed by store security even though I'm not a shoplifter ... I get asked to see the signature on my credit card a lot even though I have a 784 credit score ... I've had people click their door locks because I cut between cars in the lot to get to mine.

I get all that, and I resent it every time it happens.

I understand the aggravation this kind of stuff causes.

I also understand why they do it.

Shoplifters are black, young, and badass wannabe dressed way out of proportion to their representation on society.

So are bad check writers ... and car jackers ... and rapists.

These people are reacting to me ... they don'teven know me, and once they do I am quite the charmer ... they are reacting to life experiences.


If you see a pit bull walking down the sidewalk on one side of the street and a standard poodle on the other side ... which side do you walk on? Not all pits are vicious, not all poodles are docile ... but we make a choice based on prior experiences.

So long as black kids believe that being a good student is being too "WHITE" ... and so long as blacks will suffer high crime rates rather than turn in the guilty when they know who it is ... and so long as they idolize thugs ... and so long as most black men refuse to be dads ... this will all continue.

I've walked with my mother with Martin Luther King Jr in Louisville, Ky ... I've attended many anti KKK rallies ... to this day I work with inner city kids.

What do the Sharptons and Jacksons and Obamas of this world do ... other imprison blacks in the urban ghetto, which is the modern day plantation.

What have you done to make a difference?
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