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Developing Expertise In Pool

Posted 12-06-2019 at 08:25 AM by Imac007

Originally Posted by ShootingArts View Post
Seems we are getting into areas that are going to be confusing to those that take things literally. Many believe in "muscle memory" as in muscles themselves developing memory. The body seems to be given thinking ability in some of these posts.
I don't think "muscle memory" is completely metaphorical. Just as muscles develop strength over time to perform practiced tasks, the brain and neural pathways controlling the muscles also become physically optimized to do them.

Here's an article about a specific way that happens:

Myelin Sheath: The Science Behind Muscle Memory

"The more the nerve fires, the more myelin wraps around it. The more myelin wraps around it, the faster the signals travel, creating more muscle memory."

I was rereading this thread since it is rich with reminders. Shooting Arts was concerned about the idea that thought was embodied. That means the body is communicating its experience in an interpretation we call thought.

Discussions extended to neuronal sheath signal conduction. That was interpretation as muscle memory.

Part of the issue is an old model of separation of mind and body. With that model was the idea that neurons were found in the brain only. We now know that they are found throughout the body and act as self sufficient control center is some vital areas of the body.

The brain is part of the body as a whole. Muscle signal pathways develop in the brain neurons that extend to the neurons located in the body. Our body awareness is a complex thing bringing together bodily feelings such as touch, pressure, balance, location, along with the traditional senses generally taught.

Many reactions happen, with thought only being in the form of feedback, after the fact. When awareness is included, often decisions still need to be made, a slower kind of thinking. Emotions are a physiological collage of body reactions to events. Unlike linear thought they are gestalts, bundles of information unpacked as a singular experience. They are rich with interpretation and reactive options. A timeline, current situation, context and proposed actions are perceptual positions included in this state of affairs update.

The mind now determines how to proceed. This all happened out of consciousness and is now presented there.
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