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Best Player that Quit Early on

Posted 05-22-2012 at 04:11 AM by RossThompsonJr
Updated 05-22-2012 at 06:27 PM by RossThompsonJr (added pic of squirrel)

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Originally Posted by RossThompsonJr View Post
Well im not an old scuff, but Keith Thompson is my dad, so i know all about his pool playing days! I wish he wouldn't have quit as well. I asked him one day why he gave it up while he was at the top of his game? He replied "Well I will tell you why son. After I won the world championship in Johnson City, me and my buddy Bobby Taylor were headed back home to Houston and Bobby asked me if I wanted to make a stop at couple of popular pool halls in Atlanta and see if we can make off with a couple hundred bucks. So we stopped at a pool hall (i cant remember the name of it) and i played a few racks and the bartender saw me playing and called up the 3rd best player in town. I played the guy and beat him out of about $200 at $10/game. After that in walks the 2nd best player in town, so i played the guy and beat him out of about $460 at $10/game. Then after that in walks the #1 player in town and sure enough i beat him out off about $740 at $20/game! It couldn't have worked out any better cause once you beat the best player in town nobody wants to play you. So we called it a night and the next day Bobby talked me in to going back up there and seeing if we could make a few bucks more playing the locales before heading back home. We got there and couldn't get any action so we sat at the bar and drank a coke. In walks the mailman and he lays down the new issue of billiards magazine and on the cover is the picture of me holding the trophy and in big print saying KEITH SQUIRREL THOMPSON WINS CHAMPIONSHIP KNOCKING OFF HEAVILY FAVORED LASSITER! I looked at Bobby and said lets get out of here now! We get up and walkout and not a minute later the bartender and a few guys walkout holding that magazine and Bobby looks at them, points at me and says YA THATS HIM and the look on there face was priceless!" Haha I had to tell yall that story but anyways after he won in Johnson City everyone knew who he was so he couldn't find anyone who wanted to play him and thats how he made his money was hustling so he quit playing. He's retired now from his job so he picked his cue back up and started playing again, but mostly just with me at home or occasionally at a pool hall.
For the record my dad didn't become an Evangelist, but you could say hes a preacher due to the stories he tells! haha
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