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Country living is about small towns, small talk, and small tables. Welcome... to the

Posted 05-03-2015 at 02:33 AM by IamCalvin06

So I recently moved back home to the south. What a difference in lifestyle and pool. I miss living in a small town, where everything is simpler and the ppl are friendlier.

Except in the pool hall or bars. Lately since I've been home it's been nothing but barbox pool. No leagues, no friendly comroddery, and no playing for funsies. It's been non stop action and I'm getting whipped into shape.

I haven't been in action like this in a long time. I guess up north ppl have so many casinos that it's just not worth it to fight and claw for scraps, when u can just put it down on a game where you have a negative expectation and lose a months pay or more.

Down south no ones scared to woof at you and test your game out. And for the ones that are... Well they can head up north bc those balls can't be defrosted in this heat then you're better off staying froze.

Simplicity in life is reflected in the small 3.5x7 playing surface. Your shape has gotta be tighter and more simple, and so does that stroke! Guys are zipping around, stabbing at this shot, running to that shot,etc etc. It's like a guy asking you to race identical cars,except you're not going side by side, you're going head on into each other at the same speed. It's just a matter of who's gonna crack first. And for the guys who have this medephorical faster car, it just means your gonna get to me faster but I'm not pulling up! Guys who play 2 speeds slower then you might have three times the heart and if you're not a player, they're gonna find out and let the whole scene know, you ain't nothing but bells and whistles made of fiberglass and everyone else is driving an all metal Chevy from the 80s.
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