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Posted 07-11-2011 at 07:59 PM by enzo
Updated 07-11-2011 at 08:01 PM by enzo

I posted this blog just in case it got deleted from the forum. figured why not, haha.

Really, how do you do it? I looked for 10 minutes. Haha.... so much for a college education.

Listen, I posted last night what I thought were perfectly reasonable thoughts in an attempt to let people see that they may have to take a certain member's (who i'll DEFINITELY not mention here) opinions with a grain of salt, as I've seen him be way off on a number of occasions, and I feel he posts here to promote his business. So, if you're following me, if somebody is here to promote himself, maybe that person should not be listened to on all fronts-- or at least one should keep that in mind. That's really all I was saying and attempting to prove. I was told I attacked a "Respected Member," yet i have 100% witnessed other members attack in very vile ways, and be completely impervious. My point here is, just the fact that it was mentioned to me I attacked a "Respected Member" speaks volumes. I have seen two members in particular that seem to team up and intimidate, and the only way this will really work is if the moderators are on board. That is, if these members can be questioned when they need to be questioned, their intimidation tactics and advertising tactics wonít work, as they should not on a ďpublicĒ forum. I got positive feedback for my thread, so Iím not the only one. That right there should be enough to tell you Iím not a troll, Iím just stating what I feel is a valid point. Also, the fact that Iíve been posting here for about 6 years.... I don't think the troll label is merited, but everyone is entitled to their opinion (the whole point of this post you are reading).
So how can one have it both ways? How can somebody get the benefits of posting/advertising here (links and everything), yet they don't have to endure anybody questioning the sincerity and motivations for your opinions? If you come to a public forum, the very nature of it suggests "in the public eye (=good for advertising) AND open to questioning (the drawback)." It is really (or should be) just like becoming a politician, you put yourself out there, and people will criticize if they find fault-- i mean, this is not a dictatorship, correct?
The fact that my thread got deleted is even further evidence of my point as far as i'm concerned ("cunning" i believe is the word). The counter-intuitive aspect here is, EVEN IF you disagree with me, you should think about what i'm saying, because all i'm saying here is that this is a public forum, yet it really isn't if you censor perfectly reasonable opinions. I simply don't want to be in a place that doesn't let people discuss freely... i'd hope you'd all feel the same. So, back to my initial question, how do you self delete? I'd really rather go out this way.

Best to ALL.
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