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The Basics of Putting_1483

Posted 11-28-2012 at 09:22 AM by 673448941

Is there such a thing as the basics of putting? Sometimes I wonder with all the marvelously individual putting styles you see around today (even on the pro circuits) and the array of different putters.
Putting is a game within a game and is such an individualistic aspect that it is difficult to say there is only one correct way to putt. That would not be true but there are certain basics of putting which will help even if only as a guideline. These basics may not necessarily suit you but they should be true for the majority of golfers.
The key to putting success is "feel" and a good technique is important to create the confidence necessary to sink putts.
The starting point of any good technique is a putter that suits you. Many are the cupboards full of discarded putters which must surely have worked at some time. A couple of bad putting rounds and the unfortunate putter is consigned to the garage as confidence is lost in its ability. Whereas in fact it is the method that should be discarded not the putter.
Choosing a Putter.
If you want to putt well you need to be confident and that means being comfortable with your putter. The following points should be considered when choosing a putter,Air Jordan 22 (XXII).
The grip should have a flat front.
The length of the club should be such that your hands should hang freely down below your groin. Too long a shaft will impede free movement.
The thickness of the grip is very important as it affects feel. If you have small hands you should get a thinner grip than someone with larger hands.
The face/shaft angle must be correct as ideally the eyes should be positioned directly over the ball at address. This is only possible if the sole of the club is lying flat on the ground.
Putter Grip.
Most golfers prefer not to wear a glove when putting as this helps with 'feel'.
There are a variety of ways of gripping the club - Vardon overlap, interlocking and the reverse overlap being the more common. Most tour professionals opt for the reverse overlap. It really boils down to personal preference and it's not a bad idea to try them all.
Whatever grip you decide on you should bear in mind the following:
Palms should be opposing with the thumbs on top of the shaft. This helps eliminate wrist action which should is never present in a reliable, repeatable grooved putting stroke.
The putter should be held positively but lightly.
A comfortable position when addressing the ball is essential. Bear in mind the following points.
The fee should be about 12 inches apart - measured from inside the shoes.
Your target foot (that's the one nearest the hole) should be squared off to create a right angle with a line that runs parallel to the hole. This braces the target knee and stops you swaying.
Lean forward from the waist and hips with knees slightly bent until your eyes are directly over the ball, which should be positioned slightly to the target side of centre. This allows the putter to strike the ball on a slight upswing.
To aim correctly align the manufacturer's name on the ball along the line of the putt.
The Putting Stroke.
Having selected a putter that suits you and addressed the ball in the correct manner could all be wasted if you don't put a decent stroke on the ball.
Make sure you do not move your head until well after the ball has left the club face. A good way to do this is to concentrate on seeing the ball get struck and leave the club. Try it - you'll be amazed at how it works.
Use your larger muscles to stroke the ball. Putting is done with the larger muscles of the solders and arms rather than the smaller muscles in the hands and wrists.
The shoulders and arms effectively form a framework which does not change shape from address to follow through.
Low, slow and smoothly is how you should take the putter back. The forward stroke should be deliberate, controlled and accelerating. Make your follow through about twice as long as the backswing.
The ball should be 'rolled' towards the hole and not hit. Its all about picking the correct line and rolling the ball along it at the correct pace.
Practice your basic putting stroke around one putting distance before moving on to different distances. Start with 8 - 10 feet putts and don't worry about a hole.
Develop a pre shot routine. Stand behind the ball on the line of the putt and get a feel for the line and pace of the putt. Then select a spot a few inches in front of the ball on the intended line. Then take your stance and concentrate rolling the ball over the mark you have selected.
Whilst putting has a variety of options all good putters have got good basics.
The basics of putting are the same regardless of what grip or putting style you decide to adopt. If you have good solid basics you should easily develop a solid, reliable and repeatable putting stroke with which to sink more putts.
There are of course always exceptions to the rule and occasionally you will come across a player who has scant regard for the basics of putting, has an awful looking style and yet putts like a demon. Doesn't that just annoy you?
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