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Experiencing TOI For the First Time

Posted 01-15-2013 at 07:38 AM by CJ Wiley

If you want to experience the aiming part of TOI try this:

Set up a slightly off angled shot (straight in to a spot a half diamond to the left of the corner pocket). This means you need to cut it slightly to the right, so look at the center of your tip, then get down as if it's straight in, aim at center (for your reference point and to "dial in your eyes"), then more your whole stick parallel to the shot line slightly to the right.

Hit it at the center, just like it's straight in and see what happens. It will cut slightly and go in, if it over cuts, set it up again and use LESS TOI. If it doesn't cut at all you're not using any TOI, cue it slightly more inside, to the right. After you make this and really FEEL the connection to the shot, more the angle where it's straight in to the first diamond repeat this drill.

This is how to calibrate the angles of TOI. There's no short cut to learning how much TOI to use to create the angles, I"ll just tell you it's LESS than you probably think it is.

After you do this you will start to "Real Eyes" what I've been saying about unintentionally deflecting shots OUT of the pocket in the past. If you just cue it a HAIR outside of center it will deflect a half diamond on a 4'-5' shot. Imagine how many balls you've missed by unintentionally doing this and having NO IDEA why.

This is why I strongly recommend NOT using center ball because{a slight stoking error} will happen and you won't be able to tell which side of center you "might" have hit. Maybe you didn't, maybe you did, who knows? How can you make the correct adjustment if you can't identify what he root issue of the miss is? You simply won't be able to, however, players like myself can and will beat you because of this knowledge.

I know one thing, you will not know for sure unless you start favoring one side of the cue ball and TOI is the best side because that's where your contact point is. Think about this, and it will make more and more sense. 'The Game is the Teacher' CJ WIley
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