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For Sale: Adam Franks Cues Milk Dud Tips!!

Posted 06-23-2012 at 01:51 PM by Curlydon

Originally Posted by DASHZNT View Post
I have responded to many tip threads and have always spoken highly of the milk dud tips most of the top professionals use. Specifically, i use one made by a great cue maker out of Albuquerque, NM, Adam Franks. He uses a very secret recipe, the only ingredient that's commonly known is the milk, but there is alot more to his than that. Long story short, he creates a truly great performing tip that hits more direct and grabs the CB more than enough to apply english properly, and te best part is they allow for more feeling through the shot. I have received alot PMs and emails on these tips and I couldn't really help people out because I don't make them or sell them for that matter, i would just tell then to goto his website and send him an email and see if he'd be willing to sell some.. Well all that has changed!

I just spoke with Adam and told him about the interest in quality "Milk Dud Tips". He truly has the best out there but he hasn't really had much interest in putting them out there. However, business is business and he has a passion to move the game forward and build confidence in the minds of players anyway he can because with confidence in your equipment and abilities, the body follows. Therefore, he has decided to make his version of this great tip available to the public. Currently, he has a batch of 75 that are gonna be ready in about a week or two and he has some on hand ready to go as well (I don't know how many exactly though). The price is $6.50 per tip.

Unfortunately, he is very busy and not the easiest person to get ahold of so when we talk its usually for an hour or so to catch up, lol! Therefore, he has allowed me to fulfill any interest in these on his behalf... So if you're looking for a great tip that outperforms everything out there, send me a PM.
I would love to try some of the tips you speak of I love milk duds and always looking for better ones so please send me your info and price so I can send you a money order thanks - donnie-foster@hotmail.com
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