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Replacement of the BCA, with A Pool Trust Membership Organization

Posted 08-11-2018 at 04:22 AM by 336Robin
Updated 12-11-2018 at 06:02 AM by 336Robin

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The statement in bold is very true. I ask myself, if that was the main root cause of the decline of Pool, then why hasn't someone thought of creating an organization that would be a membership organization in which people were members that paid some dues to fix what the BCA broke?

Never mind that if you set this organization up as a foundation that saved more than it spent and used the interest off of its growing bankroll in a mutual fund, that Pool would have a permanent source of money from now on........the question remains....

Why hasn't someone stepped up and created an organization to replace the BCA?

This comment recently killed a thread as no one seemed to want to touch this but....its a valid question. I think its a question that if properly answered has the keys to a return of Pool in it.

Pool will never replace video games and many other forms of entertainment but its not supposed to.

Imagine a world in which pool "through donations to an interest producing foundation" has enough money to fund a series of events.

A lot can be built around that perhaps a come back so strong that it goes on forever.

With the right organization a 501-3c organization where the donations in are invested in a domestic mutual fund for Large Cap Growth could produce a lot of money and interest.

For example: 40k people donate 5 dollars a year =$200k

200k at 10% (earned per year in the stock market) = 20k---that's 5,- 4k added tournaments......as the fund grows, Pool Grows and the growth that is captured becomes permanent.

Now think years down the road, corporate and private donations that never come out of the fund and in 5 yrs you have a whole new ballgame.

This idea needs the right person or corporation behind it to keep it fair, solvent and into perpetuity. For that organization they would own the pool world as the Trust Fund grows. Educational endeavors and Pro Events would be better for it. There is no better way to sell a brand of Pool Products.

For example: If I knew that the money I spent with you for your product, that a portion of that would go to "The Pool Trust" I'd be more likely to buy your product over others.

For me personally I'd donate a set amount per book sold and I'm just one guy there are thousands of Pool Products all of which want advertising.

Also as a 501-3 foundation bequests and special gifts could be received. If people knew it would be protected into perpetuity they might leave some to "The Pool Trust" We are an aging population.

When the Corporation is set up the rules are stated in the Articles of Incorporation so that no one can violate the Trust. The Trust and the Rules protect the donations from pilferage. How Administrative costs are paid for is also spelled out. A Pool Trust could be a very great thing for Pool. It would be like putting Pool on Auto-Pilot to Success.

I'm willing to talk about this idea with anyone or help create it. Don't be shy, leave a comment.

Here is a link to post I'm working on in the Test Area. Maybe one day I'll get brave and put it on the Main Forum https://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=480710
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