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The life chronicles of... Uh... Me?

Posted 12-23-2013 at 01:11 AM by IamCalvin06

Welcome to the first ever edition of my blog. A little background check and we'll be off on our adventure of Capitol Gains, Spherical collisions, and Philosophical/Ethical Contradictions

I'll be your tour guide into the life of Calvin. Born and raised in the smallest of towns in the Peach State my first encounter with a pool table came at the ripe age of 13.

But hey we have plenty of time for flashbacks. Cue wavy~~ flashback lines. Let's jump right into the present. I'm 32 years old and am battling the same addiction to the game we all have. Pool has and will always be my sanctuary away from the trivial, pestering social society that we are all forced to participate in.

Currently I play pool every other day in a non stop pursuit of reaching super saiyan mode. For those who don't know that's a DBZ reference where a person trains until they have blonde Paul Mitchell salon quality hair.

I say I have goals of being able to play and win tournaments, but all I ever do is practice by myself and play cheap sets to cover my tab at the pool hall. I'm not quite sure why I never go and test my skills in a professional setting? Perhaps it's bc I'm a creature of comfort and non confrontation. Or what I believe is my realist/old school ideas of what pool is.

Before I step on any toes (put your shoes back on). I've always liked the cash game aspect of anything gambling related. Pool, poker, etc. I always liked playing the side games as opposed to the tournament setting. I think it has something to do with variances in tournaments. In the Cash game style you play long enough to outrun most luck factors atleast enough to declare a clear winner.

And I digress... Back to the topic which is...? I need to play some tourneys and test myself. With this blog as my witness I will play in as many tournaments as I can in the upcoming year.

I will document my experiences and provide as much entertainment as possible with my clothes on...
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