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The Jefferson's Movin on Up, and The Scotty Townsend Effect

Posted 12-24-2013 at 02:11 AM by IamCalvin06

The Jefferson's "Movin on up..."

In every pool room their lies an unspoken hierarchy or food chain if you will of pool players. Usually consisting of Pros, Shortstops, Use-to-Be's, Master League Players, Bangers, Hacks, etc.

If you're like me, you know where you fall in the ranks. However, I have always believed that i'm a Jefferson and i will move to the upper Eastside. Today, was just a confirmation of that. On occasion I am asked to play by one of the shortstops in my pool room. Usually bc there's no action and i'm the closest to a competitive game there is at the moment.

As of late vs this shortstop i have had my moments but i always get to a point where i let up on my focus or he hits a gear that i can't keep up with. Today was different though. My game has been improving at an alarming rate and i'm feeling more confident in my abilities.

After our matchup (for funsies) i was surprised that i had been spending more time breaking than racking. And by his accusations of having a new tip has him playing below speed, got me reflecting on how i was able to keep the pedal down vs this guy.

Another known player named Diablo asked me today if i was interested in going to a neighboring pool hall with his crew in search of Monetary Gains. I declined politely. It means alot coming from a hustler like him. He's one of the best when it comes to clocking a players speed and i have caught him clocking my game as of late. But Hustlers are a group that i don't roll with. They are however part of the game.

The Scotty Townsend Effect

For those who don't know the name Scotty Townsend. He's a notorious Money player from the south, but what i always remember about him are his one liners.

"I got your money... it's just in action at the moment."

So before I left the pool hall today i had to play the role of Mr. Bill Collector. That's right someone was about to get audited. Now i'm non confrontational but i do like to give friendly reminders to those that owe, that i'm someone who can dry up your action with just a few words.

So as i'm walking up to the guy he says, "Are you leaving? I wanted to talk to you about that $$ i owe you."

"Oh yea? It's Monday so..."

"Well I'm betting on this 1pkt game right now. I was just trying to make a little extra before I pay ya."

In my mind, "Damn... i just got Scotty Townsend-ed and he's not even here"

As i'm saying that I see the lemon take a sell out bank. He drills it and runs 4 and out.

"Hey you gonna be here tomorrow? I'll have it then i promise"

Moral of this story? F**k i'm sure i don't have to tell you to not loan money to gamblers. lol
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