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DREAM TEAM Basketball and Mosconi Team USA Parallels

Posted 12-25-2013 at 06:38 PM by IamCalvin06

Just watched the 2013 Mosconi Cup. I heard it was bad so i just put it off until i felt like watching a blood bath.

The first thing that comes to mind is when the USA basketball team didn't win the Olympic gold. It was such a disappointment with the amazing talent that USA possessed. They had by far the best players on paper if you make a player by player comparison. What happened the following year? No more pros... Team USA was comprised of young college players, who were hungry.

Now is this the best choice? Speaking from a logical comparison, NO! But then again no sport is ever won on paper by a bunch of stats and numbers. Its won by the drive, preparation, and metal fortitude of the individual athlete.

I'm not saying that sending non-professionals is gonna win the Mosconi Cup. But I tell you what it will do. It will send a message to our USA professionals when they see a group of underdogs from their own country clawing and fighting against improbable odds.

CJ posted in another thread that we need to provide the Team with certain amenities. Practice facility, budget, free transportation. While i do agree with that, i have a huge problem with it as well. EARN IT!!

Before i get bashed here and someone says these guys have paid their dues. I don't disagree. But they haven't paid their dues to one another as a TEAM. I refuse to believe that giving them more will be beneficial.

The TRUE AMERICAN CHAMPIONS of pool were not prodigies, farm raised, or silver spoon fed. We are born from ashes, raised from nothing, made pool our sanctuary from the ugliness of our situations. We are not Team Europe! We are Team USA!! We need to follow our Historical Lineage and get back to what makes American Champions feared. We were always born from FIRE and not FLASH.

I think somewhere along the line it got blurred with some of Euro comparisons. Commentators like Jim W. saying how we need to take a book from the Euro Team Captain and provide for our players the way he does. F**k that!! and excuse me but F*** him as well. You wanna know whats hurting American Pool. It's when ppl say S*** like that!

Okay with that being said... Let's take a chance just for one year. It's the greatest 2 way shot i can think of.
1. We might win
2. We inspire those more capable to win
3. We don't have to see our Champions made into a spectacle another year by terrible commentators.

Hell! Tell me i can play in the Mosconi Cup and I'll quit my job and train all year long. You think Earl plays with FIRE?! I'll play like i have a BOMB strapped to my chest!! I mean you can't threaten a guy like that with something as petty as DEATH. lol
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