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Reload this Page Ring Around The Rosies, Pocket Full of Ones-ies, Ashes, Ashes they all get SHOT DOWN!
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Ring Around The Rosies, Pocket Full of Ones-ies, Ashes, Ashes they all get SHOT DOWN!

Posted 12-27-2013 at 04:18 AM by IamCalvin06

It's Thursday night and that's my night to let loose and get the Ring Game going!!!!

This is one of my favorite games to play bc it's cheap Gambling. My game is pretty tight defensively but man i gotta say it's pretty stressful playing that way. Sometimes ya gotta just let your hair down and just show some fire power without the fear of selling out.

For those unfamiliar to the game you can play 9 or 10 ball but more than 3 players i recommend 10 ball. The object of the game? Make the money balls!! 5 and 9 (10 if tenball) are the money balls. We play $1 on the 5 and $2 on the 9.

You decide on a rotation by flipping or lagging and then you just play rotation.

-No safes!! (bc there is no ball in hand and you would only be helping the 3rd guy)
-If you Foul its the next guys option to shoot or let you shoot again till you make a legal hit.
-Scratch is behind the line. If the next ball to be shot is in the kitchen then it goes down.
-If a money ball is legally made out of turn the game grows larger bc the ball is respotted and shooter continues.
-Every time you sink a money ball each player must pay you the set amount.

Tonight's game was awesome. I have somehow organized the higher ranked league players to participate in my Gambling venture!! I love playing with these guys bc all we do is rag on one another.

I always come out winner on this game but today was different. I let the rousing get in my head and they had me missing all kinds of outs. I was stuck most of the night until i got my mind set on winning. I stop taking obvious hits that weren't makable. Instead i started kicking at shots with the intent sometimes to foul and leave a shot that the other player would pass back to me. Kinda like a Efren push out.

Then the game was on!! I hit them with a 4 money ball game. That's $6 bucks a man times 4 = F*** you gimme my money back!!! LOL

Before that they were all breaking my balls saying they wanted to shoot after me bc i was constantly letting the next guy out on the money shots. Not anymore!!

But in the end I won a couple of dollars bc we quit early and i paid my time. Plus a few refreshments for me and my com padres. And that's all i really want on a Thursday night of pool anyways. I like all these League players. They are a fun group of guys compared to the other ppl I play for Cash.

No one lost anything that they would have a grudge about and in all reality its a new mindset for me.
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