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Reload this Page Why wouldn't anyone want borders secure?
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Why wouldn't anyone want borders secure?

Posted 08-09-2010 at 08:07 AM by mooseman

Originally Posted by chefjeff View Post
I refuse to answer.

You prove I'm guilty, then we'll talk. I've shown you to be the first to wield the gun, why don't you show us how harmful Jose and I are so you can justify your gun play?

Jeff Livingston

PS I advocate ZERO GUNS to get what I want; mooseman requries guns to get what he wants. Now, I ask you: Who is the REAL gun nut here?
Now you are being ridiculous. YOU asked to prove how you and Jose are causing harm. Without examples of your type business then it can't be answered and I wouldn't even attempt to answer without having to make something up.

To rely on Drew's reply about building a house means that you obviously can't think for yourself.

FYI... I did read your links to the gun in the house. You (my fellow american) are simply regurgitating something you've read. You are the one who is brainwashed.

For all your grandeur and bravado you are so full of shit. Since you can't have an independent thought you wouldn't know what to do with real freedoms. You like the idea of freedom but I doubt you would even recognize real freedoms. You have to rely on someone else to actually tell you you are free. But that in itself would be an oxymoron because if someone told you you were free means you are technically not free.

You keep maintaining I'm guilty of wielding the "Gun", prove it!!!!! Oh I forgot MYOB that is my right under the second amendment.

Kudos to Drew because he believes and is willing to defend his principles. You just aren't worth the effort........
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