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2009/06/16 - A Friendly Game

Posted 06-17-2009 at 05:14 PM by mamono

Decided to go watch and support one of my friends/teammates in a 9-ball tournament last night. I had a felling he would go, so I brought my beater J&J 4414 J/B cue with me to work just in case I were to shoot. Showed up a little after they started and he was in the middle of his 1st match. Sat around and chilled. Ran into another guy from our Monday night league, cool dude with a nice Mustang! Chatted for a bit and rail birded some matches. Met and chatted with some people I remember from two weeks before. Everything was nice and relaxed.

My friend/teammate wanted me to play some cheap sets to help me with my mental game, so he set me up with a guy he introduced me to from two weeks earlier. Nice guy, but I haven't had a chance to see what his game is like. I agree to play a cheap set since my friend was being persistent to try to help me with my mental game, so we started to shoot.

This was around 9PM and I'm tired from work. Luckily, so was my opponent. He was really tired too from long hours at work. We both were drinking energy drinks. Funny how he pointed it out, battle between Monster vs. Rockstar energy drinks! Haha...

We started to play our set and I start out to an early lead of 3:1. It became readily apparent to my opponent that I had adapted to the speed of the table already since all my sets were pretty clean. We had some difficult racks and I was forced to safe a few times. I can't forget his comment about his kicking skills, "I learned to kick from Chuck Norris!" Haha... Funny dude!

My opponent started to get some lucky rolls including a 9-ball on the break. We ended up being 4:4 and he told me straight up, "I know you're pretty good, I can tell from how perfect your combo's were and your speed control. I want to see your best game." I felt kind of bad because I didn't think that I could do that. I still felt really tired, the energy drink helped a little but it also made me a bit jittery which I felt affected my stroke.

Next three games were both of us chipping away at the tables a bit haphazardly. I felt pretty heavy and a bit bad that I wasn't playing my best. That last game would have put my opponent on the hill if he hadn't hung the 9-ball in the corner pocket. I felt a bit bad for him because he had a great run leading up to it and somehow didn't stroke the shot right. 6:5 Me.

Because I was on the hill, I had one last game to deliver. I broke, ran, then did a very clean table length safety on something I knew I couldn't take the shot. He kicked going two rails and scratches. I ran out the last couple balls for the win.

He was cool about it and gave me praise on the last game being played clean with no mistakes. The money paid for table time with some extra left over. Wow, I felt really tired after everything was over. I seriously need to work out to improve my stamina!

Sat around afterward to watch my friend play a cheap set and to watch the pro on Table1 play anyone for $10 9-ball. Talk about cue ball movement! It was a good chill night.
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