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What Is PoolGoog?

Posted 10-16-2010 at 06:01 PM by poolgoog
Updated 10-16-2010 at 06:48 PM by poolgoog

Poolgoog.com is a website that takes all of the Billiards News Headlines and Forum Posts from the many billiards related websites available and mashes them in to one location making it easier to see everything that is going on, or everything that went on at a specific point in time.

Poolgoog is your Billiard search engine, Indexing on average 60+ new items per day, which will peak to about 150 posts a day.

What does this do for you?

Instead of logging on to 10 different sites to find what happened yesterday on the blogs, or Forums, or News magazines,
just go to Poolgoog.com and click the date on the calendar.

From there, you can see every forum post, news piece, tournament result or blog entry that was published that day!

It all goes back to the source

You might be asking.. What if I want to reply to a post?
Not a problem! Our system is set up to ping back to the source, which means if the source is set up to accept trackbacks your comments will appear on their blog, or forum, just like you were logged in to their site. If not, you can always click on the original link which will open up the original post in a different tab allowing you to quickly reply to the post.
How your AzBilliards posts can be improved?

Your forum posts will be appearing on Poolgoog.com.
There are a number of ways you can improve the quality in which your content is published on Poolgoog.com
  • For location related posts, put the City and State somewhere in the first 50 words of the text. Poolgoog is set up to add meta data to the posts based on the location words inside the text. This will make the item show up on the Billiards News Map, as well as better chances of showing up in search results for that particular location.
  • Include contact information whenever possible. The PM function does not work across both networks.
  • Include relevant tag words often in the text. Your posts are automatically taged based on the relevancy of your content to particular keywords
  • Add social networking links like twitter, Facebook and Youtube to your posts. Poolgoog is set up to randomly grab resource relevant text from your posts and add "related" resources to the footer. In other words, you might see your youtube videos or twitter updates under your posts.

The Inns and Outs

Registration is not required, and unless you want to publish to poolgoog, it is not recommended.
What we do recommend is saving poolgoog to your bookmarks, or subscribing to one of the over 2000 topical Billiards RSS feeds on the site, friend us on Facebook for a live stream of everything going on, or do the same by following poolgoog on twitter.
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