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2009/06/15 - League

Posted 06-17-2009 at 04:35 PM by mamono
Updated 06-17-2009 at 07:34 PM by mamono

League night went pretty well, I started the evening getting to the pool hall early. Got a full 1.5 hours of practice. Wasn't feeling too good about my game during practice. Something was off. Both my aim and stroke didn't seem right. I was missing basic routine shots, so I just focused on getting a feel for the speed of the felt.

1st match, I honestly missed a lot of shots, but I did what I was characteristically known for in college. My old college teammates, some of whom are my current teammates on the league called me out on my unintentional safes. They lovingly call them getting/got "dinged." Name sake comes from my last name since it sounds similar. I won that 1st game because I "dinged" the guy once. Ok, I can take that. At least we were both on the 8-ball and the guy left it hanging in the pocket for me to drop, he knew it was his and he let it slip away. Shook hands, he was cool about it. A win is a win.

2nd match, we played pretty even though I could tell I was a stronger player then my opponent. I took my shots and ended up dinging him twice in a row. He missed the kick again and was so pissed he threw his personal cue on the floor steaming mad and cussing. I proceeded to run out the remainder of the rack. Felt kind of bad winning like that, but that 8-ball shot I had where I left my cue ball frozen to head rail and the 8-ball near the left far side rail 3 inches past the side pocket shot with a bit of follow bridged over the rail sure made the win seem well earned. He at least shook my hand, but didn't look me in the eye. I thought he was going to make some kind of outlandish comment or cuss at me, but he didn't.

3rd match, broke and left the 8-ball hanging in the corner pocket. Stripes were clustered around that corner, so I took solids. Luckily I dropped a solid on the break too, so I just proceeded to chip away at the table since movement around the tables was a bit difficult. I was quite fortunate to have a table layout like that because my opponent was a great shot maker, but wasn't as strong when it comes to shape and sets. Won this match with an decent lead. Well earned, he was cool about it too. Tough game to be put in that situation, I don't think I would have been able to get out of that either if I were in his shoes.

4th match, not much competition. Ok shot maker, but not much in the cue ball control department. Didn't take long to run and polish off the rack. Good guy, he knew it would be a tough game for him. He was really cool about it too.

Ended our matches a little early, it was a good night for me being 4:0. We were able to practice for a little over an hour since league wasn't over yet. It was a good evening! We all went to get dinner afterwards to chill out and recap on the matches for the evening.
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