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Mixed Scotch Doubles

Posted 01-25-2013 at 02:18 PM by gregcantrall

Originally posted to a pool stories thread - 01-06-2013
This happened over twenty years ago but is still my favorite pool story I tell on my wife.

We were playing in a mixed scotch doubles tournament that was a race to four nine ball. Our first match was against Joe and Lavern, a team capable of winning the tournament. Realistically we were capable of maybe getting in the money. Anyway before the match Joe and I make a $20 sweat bet, not even enough to cover the entry fee. We had known Lavern and Joe for quite a while and sometimes made sweat bets when we ran into them at the Sands Reno tournaments. My wife had played Lavern in ladies tournaments on a few occasions. Much to my wifes dismay Lavern was ahead on the score card. My wife is a shot maker, but needs motivation at times.

We had won the flip and she was going to break first. I look at her and rather than seeing the focused look I wanted to see, she had the 'deer in the headlights look'. Thinking quickly, just before she went to the table to break I leaned over and quietly asked "Did you hear what Lavern said?" In my best calm but incredulous tone. "NO, What?" was her instant response. To which I replied, "Oh never mind." The 'deer in the healights' look instantly became a true game face. She stepped up to the table and CRACK, the rack opens and the nine goes straight into the corner, 1-0. Not a word is said between us, Joe racks and I break. I make a ball on the break and move the nine in front of the corner. My wife steps up and POW-Splat one nine combination, 2-0. Again not a word is said and once the balls are racked my wife breaks making the one ball. I pocket the two.......and my wife steps up and POW-SPLAT three-nine combination, 3-0. I break making a ball and leaving the cue ball near the head spot, the one ball near the center of the table and the nine pretty much where it had been racked. My wife steps to the table and POW-Splat, one nine combination, 4-0 in less than five minutes.

Now I look at my wife and rather than having the look of pleasure at winning she still has her game face on and is stepping towards Lavern, I think "Uh-Oh!". So I rush to intercept her and quickly whisper in her ear, "Honey, Lavern never said ANYTHING, I made that up!"
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