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Tight grain VS straight grain shafts???

Posted 04-22-2020 at 09:49 PM by Snooker Theory

Originally Posted by manwon View Post
Hello John, there are many factor's that effect a shafts playability. The difference between tight grain and straight grain is miles apart. First of all, when people talk of straight grain in a shaft they are talking about the growth line that runs the length of the shaft. When people are talking about tight grain they are talking about the number of growth rings a shaft has.

So, when looking at things from this perspective a piece of shaft wood can have both attributes tight grain and straight grain, in fact this combination is what you should look for in good shaft wood.

The growth rings in a shaft will have a tremendous effect on a shafts stiffness and hit. Most shaft wood today purchased by cue makers has a minimum of around 15 growth rings per inch. These rings tell the story of how a tree grew during it's life. Tight and numerous growth rings are caused by a tree being allowed to mature unmolested and unhindered by infections in an environment where there is ample nutrients, water, and sun light. Tree's that fall into this category would by todays standards be considered old growth. These tree's lived for hundreds of years in this pristine environment, and are nearly impossible to find today. Wood that is considered old growth, can have 40, 50 or even more growth rings per inch.

Maple for shafts that fall into this category, are heavy and very strong / stiff due to the tight grain / numerous growth lines. Shafts made from this type of wood are valued by players today for their consistent qualities.

I personally prefer shaft wood with a little to a medium amount of curly effect to it. I have found through time that slightly curly maple shafts, also have a stronger hit, and do not warp at all with time. This effect is caused by compression, and is normally found in the portion of a tree that has a lean to it.

Well I hope this helps, and have a great night!!!!!

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