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Right Handed - Left Eye Dominate

Posted 10-26-2014 at 06:49 PM by bbb

Originally Posted by ENGLISH! View Post
I'm not an instructor & I'm just trying to help based on my personal experiences.

I recently went through a short time where I was overcutting shots to the left. I am right handed & right eye dominant. Like bbb/Larry suggested
my head had somehow moved to the right & I was not seeing the straight line correctly. I played around with closing my left eye after setting up & making the adjustment & then open the eye & 'see' it before shooting. I think it gradually got me back on line.

I also recently went through a similar thing where I was putting a couple of hairs of right hand english on the CB on the few times that I wanted to hit on the center line. I traced that back to my grip hand. I was snatching the cue a bit & could not stop doing it consistently. I took my ring & pinky finger & actually put them on top of the cue so I was in essence only using my forefinger & middle finger. This worked for awhile but the problem would pop up from time to time. I then went back to a 'full' grip but with a much firmer connection to the cue (I don't think this is conventionally taught but suggested by CJ Wiley) & the problem has been solved. Doing that did change the 'trajectory' of my stroke though.

I don't use a pendulum stroke & I am obviously not a certified instructor so take anything I've said as you will or even throw it ALL away if you wish. I was merely trying to show what can happen & how it might be self corrected. Sometimes a band aid approach can lead one to a more permanent fix. But...better yet go see Fran or someone else as qualified as she is.

Good Luck with finding your solution.
i guess you are back from vacation.....
if you were sincere in the statement i bolded above
your time off gave you time to mature....
hope you are playing well
and one more time i am NOT scott lee as you have thought in the past
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