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My Dream With Big Paulie (6/23/18)

Posted 06-24-2018 at 12:10 PM by Nostroke
Updated 11-07-2019 at 05:16 PM by Nostroke

I joined what seemed to be a simple men’s hangout club in NYC. I went there every chance i had. It was in a Brownstone with the usual 7-8 cement steps out front. I’m in my 30′s or so.

I hang around for 2-3 weeks there having fun with the guys-Just BSn mostly, talking about fishing, women etc. No one ever talks about the club itself, dues, who owns it or anything similar. None of that enters my mind while im hanging there. I'm just having fun!

So one day 2-3 weeks or so later, i head over there as i always do. Life is great and i don't have a care in the world!

When i get to the bottom step I look up and immediately recognize Big Paulie Castellano (If it weren’t for my dreams i wouldn’t even know i have some sort of mob fetish deep within me) standing up on the landing with a couple of his bodyguards. He towers over me and everyone else around. I don’t think much about it and just continue climbing the stairs.

When i get to the top, Big Paulie grabs me and puts me in a headlock and says “You have been coming here all this time and you have the nerve to ignore the tribute an honorable man like myself is due!? ” He is clearly feeling angry and disrespected! I start babbling, groveling along the lines of “Sir, I’m so sorry, i didn’t even know you were a member here. No one told me anything!” I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

He pulls out a Pistol and puts it to my head, stating he is going to make an example out of me to dissuade other dishonorable guys like me from acting in the same fashion. I think to myself and btw, suddenly i am my real age-i.e. Old! “We’ll this will be quick anyway-Much better than getting the baseball bat treatment in a corn field.”

At this time I also notice that although the gun is to my head, it is also pointing at him! “WTH!? Can Big Paulie be this clueless on guns? We are both going to die" That aside, he pulls the trigger and i hear a loud ‘CLICK’. I then say to myself-’I’m dreaming, I know it!” and i actually start feeling more relaxed and not scared. Paulie pulls the trigger four more times with each click being quieter than the last-the final one barely audible. Meanwhile Paulie is irate and cursing in Italian about the useless pistol. He never pulled the 6th one. I'm figuring he must have shot another guy earlier in the day!

At some point in the next 2 seconds, I am transferred inside the Clubhouse, which by dream license, has suddenly been transformed into a huge fun house type complex/maze. Formerly it had been a one room dump with old couches scattered around. I no longer realize i’m dreaming either and BP still has me in his grip. Somehow I escape his hold on me and start running. All his lieutenants encircle me and and start firing but somehow, though only 5-6 feet away, everyone misses and through some miracle, I escape to another area. .

Paulie’s lieutenants start handing out tokens to everyone but me so all the patrons can exit the complex whenever they like..... except yours truly. I don't know where or how i hid, but next thing i know i'm next-up in the exit line with no token. I suddenly become aware that I have a sword in my hand that came from nowhere. I try to hide it behind my leg. I have no plan for this sword at all and soon realize, if they find it, I’ll be a goner. I decide to hide it in plan sight by making a WC Fields ‘ Vaudeville cane move’ with it, give the guy at the door a fist bump and he lets me exit and i strut away from Big Paulie and his henchmen!

Nah na nuh na na

PS- For anyone not a mob fan-lol Big Paulie was the boss before Gotti and whom Gotti had shot in front of Spark's Steakhouse.
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